Monday, March 4, 2013

It's a... (-nother gender reveal post!)

It's that time again!  Time for me to put my creative thinking cap on and figure out YET ANOTHER way to answer the age old "boy or girl" question with a fun little twist.  I'll admit, I knew how I was going to announce this pregnancy long before it ever happened (ya know, just in case).  But gender reveals are a bit tougher.  They're still fairly new and there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of ideas out there.  We did balloons in a box for Julia, the cake-thing for Jude, and the good ole fashioned "just say it" way with Jack.  And I was determined NOT to leave #4 out of the fun.  So I spent a few good hours on Pinterest and finally decided confetti was the way to go.

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We recruited Uncle Jared for this one.  Jon wasn't thrilled that Jared was going to know the sex of his offspring before he did (a whole 2 minutes before) but he wasn't able to provide me with any other options.  So I headed off to my ultrasound appointment this afternoon, came back with a secret slip of paper that no one had seen but the tech, handed it off to Jared and sent him to a room with black balloons and blue and pink confetti.

Baby was fantastic for it's peep show and kept waving at Mama! The tech even said it was a gorgeous baby ... Don't ask me how she could tell from those pictures, I'll just take her word for it.
And then the rest of us waited patiently.

 Uncle Jared counted to three and ...


Aw, c'mon. I did this same thing last time, you had to have been expecting it.

Here's the video for the full experience.

Yes, that's right.  PINK!!

 I realize this is a terribly unflattering picture of me, but for the sake of good sportsmanship I'll still post it.

You see, we had done a few practice rounds throughout the day and I was starting to get a bit gun shy.

With good reason too, I now sport three tiny welts on my left arm where the balloon fragments struck me.

So just be prepared, if you ever decide to try this at home.

Jack gets a turn.

And be prepared to sweep up a lot of confetti.  Or you could just let your daughter eat it.

Julia's thrilled about becoming a big sister.  Okay, so not really.  But I will say, my biggest concern today was my reaction on video if this baby was a boy.  Not that I don't already love it and would shirk at the challenge of raising three little fellas.  But for Julia's sake - I'm so excited to give this girl a sister!


bellavie photography said...

That just made my day...and I'm not even related LOL

Tish said...

i loved this Janine!! What fun! and I just loved Julia trying to blow up the balloon. :) Congratulations to you all!

J9 said...

Haha, so glad! It was driving me crazy that I couldn't post it sooner but apparently the kids expected dinner before bed?? :)

J9 said...

Thank you! Haha yes, Julia and the balloon, it's so hard to video those kind of moments without cracking up!!

kimjshultz said...

Janine, I just spent the last hour reading some of your blogs. What a talent you have. I really enjoyed reading about your family and how God has blessed you. You've inspired me to try some pins that are just "pinned" at the moment. Thanks and congratulations on the expansion of your family. I loved having a large family. Love you!

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