Birth Plan - we brought several copies of this to the hospital for Jack's birth to share with our doctors and nurses.  Writing a birth plan out ahead of time really helped us to think about our childbirth goals and desires.  We used the same plan for Jude's birth but ended up forgetting to give it to the staff!

Feeding Chart - we used this to keep track of how often Jack nursed, peed and pooped during his first two weeks.  We didn't even both with Jude. :)

Schedule we used for Starting Solids - I followed this to a "T" with Jack, loosely with Jude and I'm sure by #3 I won't use it at all.  But it is helpful to have some sort of a plan!

Tandem Schedule I - This is the basic schedule we followed with our two boys when Jack was 2ish and Jude was 4-6 months.  At this time Jack was taking 1 afternoon nap, Jude was taking 3 naps and nursing about every 3 hours.

Tandem Schedule II - This is the current schedule we have followed since Jude was about 6 months, and Jack is over 2.  During this time Jack is still taking 1 afternoon nap, Jude is taking 2 naps (and an occasional short evening nap) and nursing/eating 4 times a day.
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