The Nests

As an active-duty military family, we're adjusting to life on the move.  Although it's hard to settle and put roots down when you know you'll just be packing boxes again in a few months, we try hard to make each place, no matter how temporary, our home.  If nothing else, we're getting plenty of ideas for what we like, and don't like, in a house!

Here's a look at the places we've called "home" over the past few years:


The Original Love Nest, Virginia Beach, VA
Where Jon brought me home to after our honeymoon.  And yes he really did carry me over the threshold! 
Loved:  the fireplace, loft, state park next door with miles and miles of hiking and biking trails, a master suite
Lessons learned:  third floor location with no elevator is a real pain!, spiral staircases are a waste of space, white formica countertops stain VERY EASILY!


The Beach Nest, Virginia Beach, VA
Where we moved to after we found out we were getting restationed in Virginia Beach for 3 years, and where we brought out first two babies home to!
Loved:  ocean views, 75 steps to the beach, having an office/guest room, gas stove, a garage, a yard (albeit small)
Lessons learned:  three floors is expensive to heat/cool and difficult with kids, light colored carpet is difficult to keep clean, if you like to have people over they'll need room to park, its' really windy by the ocean in the winter, sometimes being the poorest and youngest people in the neighborhood makes it difficult to make friends, white formica countertops and white textured vinyl flooring are REALLY REALLY hard to keep clean!


The Burb Nest, DC Metro Area
Where we lived for one year while Jon attended a military grad school.
Loved: huge house, established neighborhood with big trees, walking paths and lake, playgrounds, a real yard, gray corian countertops that don't stain, hardwood floors that are a cinch to keep clean, double car garage, choosing paint colors, minutes from farm country
Lesson learned: ALWAYS check the crime stats before moving into a new area,  a "big" yard means a more frequently unavailable husband, sometimes the previous owner's pet "lives on" in your carpet, 22 miles can equate to 1.5 hours of commute time, how much we love and miss historical things and a "cultural" downtown

Little Nest in the Big Trees, Annapolis/Baltimore Area, MD
Our current location and first experience as homeowners!
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