Thursday, October 29, 2009

I have nothing to wear!

So I've been waiting for "glorious second trimester" to arrive to update you all on #2's progress and to talk about how great I'm feeling and how much energy I have compared to a few weeks ago. I'm now 16 weeks and still waiting ... so I figured I should go ahead and write anyhow. I definitely don't feel as sick as I did, and I have more energy than I used to, but it's still not what I was hoping. With Jack I stopped throwing up and started feeling great at 14 weeks. I've only "lost it" twice this pregnancy, but I'm still feeling queasy most mornings, and can start dry heaving at the simplest things, i.e. old banana peels, watching Jack eat said banana and changing Jack's diaper. He still thinks Mommy's gagging is the funniest thing EVER. But it's the one time he'll stay still while I'm changing him so maybe it's a good thing after all.

Other than the mornings I feel pretty good. I can now stay up past 9:30! But I'll take any chance Jack gives me to sleep in as long as I can. :) I'm still sleeping on my stomach, although I usually wake up around 4 and have to switch to my side to take the pressure off my bladder. Yes, I am too lazy at 4am to get up and go to the bathroom. Jon's content that I've made it this far into the pregnancy without "the nest." It won't be long now though because it's starting to feel like I'm sleeping on a big stone, and I need "the nest" to sleep on my back or side. :)

I think this is officially my least favorite stage of pregnancy. The excitement has worn off, I still don't look pregnant, I don't think I've felt the baby move although I sometimes think that flutter may have been it, we don't know what we're having yet so I can't buy anything, or dream of buying anything, and Jack keeps me so busy that I usually forget I'm even pregnant. Jon and I will be having our usual conversations about next year and the future and then it will suddenly dawn on us that by then we'll have two kids, two carseats, two in diapers, etc. I feel a little bad for #2. I've heard the second pregnancy doesn't feel the same as the first. I'd hate to say it's not as exciting but it's definitely different. Maybe I'm just remembering the end of my Jack-pregnancy as compared to this 16-week stuff.

The most annoying thing about this stage is that, despite hardly showing, I can barely fit into most of my clothes. I must carry extremely low, at least in the beginning, because I grow out of my regular pants within the first few weeks of pregnancy. I have one pair of jeans that still fits, and it's because they are my ultra-low-waisted fat jeans. And even they don't button by the end of the day. I have a few small pregnancy clothes that work for now, but most of them are too big for this stage. So, if you notice that I'm wearing the same outfit I was last time you saw me, you now know it's because I only have a few pieces that fit. *sigh* I will say that this problem has done nothing to hinder my shopping sprees. For some reason I love shopping for maternity clothes. Maybe it's the challenge. Do you know how hard it is to find inexpensive maternity clothes for the right season? I found 2 pair of shorts last week for $3, but unless we get a heat wave in April, I doubt I'll be needing them. I added them to my cart anyway and told myself, since I'm planning to have #3 in the Fall of course, that they certainly wouldn't go to waste. I really don't need any more maternity clothes, but I know how nice it feels to look cute when you are feeling rather large and round at the end. I mean, I can't wear sweatpants everyday.

Speaking of being large, I thought my belly poked out a little faster this time than it did with Jack, as in most second pregnancies, but I think I'm back on track by now. I've officially gained 7 pounds and have added about 4 inches to my waist. Yes, I keep track of that sort of thing. It's fun to me. For some reason I didn't start measuring my belly with Jack until 21 weeks, so I don't have anything to compare it to but pictures:
16 weeks with Jack
16 weeks with #2
I even wore the same outfit for easy comparison. Just in case you're wondering, yes I am taking weekly pictures this time around, I just haven't posted a slideshow yet because at this point there's not much to see. And no, I'm not going to wear the same outfit in every picture. That got a little boring last time and plus, those sweatpants got pretty stretched out by week 39.
I think the top picture is just a tad zoomed in more, otherwise I think I look exactly the same. And maybe my rear isn't as big as I thought this time around, but I digress. Well that's it here, stay tuned for updates on Jack's tragical 1 year check-up, #2's 17 week check-up, and then, in just a few short weeks, ... drumroll... the BIG ULTRASOUND!!! Ahhhh!! I have to stop thinking about it or I may not be able to sleep tonight.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Off roadin'

No, we did not take Jack for a 4-wheel drive. It's just that we are all a little road-weary from so much traveling recently, and I'm so far behind in my blogging, that I'm declaring the next two months "off-road." We're hanging out at home and lying low until Christmas, when we get to do it all again!

So anyway, to catch up, after we got home from Pennsylvania we spent 3 days in Virginia and then were off again on our way to Connecticut. Remember Jon's Coastie friends Nick and Lindsey who had baby Rose 4 months ago, and who we visited in Key West early in my Jack-pregnancy? Well, they've returned to the old stomping grounds and invited us to visit. I was very excited about being in New England for the fall. Connecticut is on my list of places to move to after our DC stint, not that it matters, the government only cares about what's on Jon's list, but hey a girl can dream! So we braved the 10 hour trek with a 1 year old.
By the time we got to New York City it was getting old. We had watched several Baby Einsteins, both Jon and I had the Maisy song stuck in our head, read every board book in my book bag at least 5 times each, and went through all our lullaby CDs trying to get Jack to fall asleep. It was after 8:00, Jack was wide awake and not happy to be in his seat, and we were stuck in NYC traffic. I turned to Jon, who was regretting our decision to not take the long way around the city, and said, "I hope getting your Nick-fix this week is worth this drive to you, because I will never do this again." Well it was, nothing could hinder his excitement about spending 5 days with his best friend, former college roommate, former post-college housemate, former cutter roommate and, as I liked to refer to Nick the first year of our marriage, the "other woman." After 4 years together at the Coast Guard Academy and after living in the same city for 2 years and sharing a ship for those same 2 years, I'm still not sure if I've caught up to Nick in the "amount-of-time-spent-with-Jon" category.

So the two boys got to spend some quality time together, and the rest of us tagged along and heard all the same silly stories that get told every time these two get together. Ear-muffs Jack, your father didn't really skip a mandatory lecture to hide in the bathroom where Nick tutored him in Trig before the big test...

So anyway, it was fun to be back at the Academy. We caught a CG football game, gave Jack a tour of his future college, visited the Old Mystic Cider Mill, walked around Mystic and ate Mystic Pizza and ice cream at the Draw Bridge. Nick and Jon got in a golfing match and Lindsey took me to a baby sign language class. Connecticut was everything I had dreamed of in a New England Fall. The leaves were gorgeous, the weather mostly perfect and the old houses, stone walls and graveyards were interesting to see. Unfortunately, we all caught colds and Jack had one miserable night where he had a hard time breathing through his nose. He was up at least once an hour, couldn't fall back to sleep unless I was holding him upright, and then couldn't stay asleep as soon as I tried to lay down and get some rest myself. It was the worst night we've had since he was just a little baby, and probably the worst night Jon has ever had since he was in the same room with Jack and I this time. :)

Rose has gotten much bigger since the last time we saw her. Jack tried to grab her face a few times, and he also crawled over top of her whenever she was lying in his way, but for the most part he thought the two dogs and two cats were way more interesting than the baby. He spent most of the week chasing them around the house. I'm sure the dogs were wondering who the tiny human was that walked liked them. They would edge close enough to sniff his diaper, then run off as soon as Jack would try to "pet" them. We're working on being "gentle" when it comes to babies and animals...

So we returned to Virginia, and an 84 degree "fall" day last Wednesday after yet another long drive. It's much easier now that I don't have to pump on the way, or stop to nurse. But I definitely miss the baby boy who would fall asleep asleep as soon as the car would start moving. Having a DVD player definitely helps, but anyone would get tired of being strapped to a seat for 10 hours, especially an energetic little boy. Well, it won't be long before he has a buddy back there to play with and Mommy has yet another child to keep entertained on the long drives...

Friday, October 23, 2009

What's done is done

My husband, after hearing of my hair cut poll, informed me I was acting very "Clinton-like" - polling public opinion before making an important decision. I suppose his decision-making style is more do-what-you-think-is-best-and-then-explain-why-to-everyone-afterwards. And that is just what he did. Sorta.
Last week was another "Boy's Night." I had my monthly Open House at work and Jon was in charge of Jack. We had just returned from PA where I thought all of our friends, in addition to the blog voters, made it quite clear a haircut was out of the question. Wednesday was "Day 10" on Jon's haircut rotation, and Jack and I went along with him to the Navy Exchange to do some shopping while Daddy was at the barber's. I thought for sure he'd ask to bring Jack in with him, but he didn't. So I thought maybe the subject had been dropped. Apparently I was wrong.

On Thursday afternoon I left my hubby with a list of instructions on Jack-care for the night and was off to convince prospective students that they all want to become teachers and that the best way to do so is through our program. I had just checked in at my desk and booted up my computer when I received this text message on my phone from Jon, with the subject "big boy haircut":
I have to admit, I was a tad crushed. Jon thinks it's adorable, and honestly its not a bad haircut, but it's certainly much shorter than I wanted to go. Plus I wasn't even there to take pictures, pick up hair off the floor, and be an embarassing mom. Then again, it was probably better I wasn't there.
Jon said Jack kept reaching up to feel his hair the whole night. :( I didn't get to see it until the next morning, since he was in bed when I got home. Every morning I go get Jack out of bed and he puts his head on my shoulder and snuggles for a bit while I get breakfast ready. Usually I give him a couple of kisses and run my fingers through his hair, so I got a little sad on Friday morning when there was hardly any hair to tossle.
Can you tell my son was just playing in the trash can?
So, like I said, what's done is done. Jon's feels better knowing he did his "duty." And I feel better knowing that hair grows and even the shortest cut isn't permanent. Let's just hope Jon got it all out of his system this time around.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Bosom Friends

"Marilla," she demanded presently, "do you think that I shall ever have a bosom friend in Avonlea?"

"A--a what kind of friend?"

"A bosom friend--an intimate friend, you know--a really kindred spirit to whom I can confide my inmost soul. I've dreamed of meeting her all my life. I never really supposed I would, but so many of my loveliest dreams have come true all at once that perhaps this one will, too. Do you think it's possible?"

Reading is my special treat these days. After 7:00, when Jack's been put to bed and while Jon's doing his homework, when all the dishes are washed, and all the toys have been put away, I put on my comfy clothes, plop myself on the couch, and indulge in a good book. Well, you all know that I watched both "Anne of Green Gables" movies a few weeks ago whilst in the thick of my nauseousness. Since then, and since finishing the 736 page Zane Grey "Frontier Trilogy" my father-in-law lent me, I've decided to re-read the entire "Anne" series. It's been about 10 years since I last read them, and pregnancy makes me very sentimental, so I thought it would be a good way to keep myself occupied until #2's arrival. I'm currently in book 4.
Anyway, I didn't mean to go on and on about my books, but just wanted to mention I was in the throes of "Anne" so that no one would be taken aback if I tend to make excessive use of the terms "imagination," "kindred spirits," "bosom friends," "depths of despair," etc. over the next few months. Just warnin' ya.

What I really wanted to talk about are my "bosom friends" Erin, Melody and Rebecca. A few girls who I've known for the majority of my life. As little kids we roamed the woods, built forts, played dress-up, floated down the creek, and ice skated on the pond. As we got older we become little entrepreneuers, trying to make a buck or two by babysitting, cleaning houses and running errands. We could stay up later and later at slumber parties, giggling over "Truth or Dare" and "He said, She said." We grew up more, and busy with school, "real" jobs and and high school sports, our times together occured less and less often. We graduated and left town to pursue higher education. We were so excited about the new changes in our lives that we never realized we might not live near each other again. That was 7 years ago.

We don't play dress up anymore, although we've laughed over more than one home video of those days. We don't ice skate on the pond. We don't stay up all night dreaming about our futures. In fact, those boys' we used to giggle about - we married them. Those baby name lists we used to concoct - we now use them on our own kids. That money we used to work all day for - we now make in an hour. And those decorating skills we used to hone on our clubhouses - we now use to create our own little abodes. I love my friends, I love who we've become, but I have to admit, sometimes I just miss "us." We don't see each other that much anymore. It usually takes a wedding, shower, or Christmas to get us all home at the same time, but we usually try to take advantage of it when it works out.

And last weekend, it just happened to work out. All four of us were home, all four of us were together, ... and all four of us happen to be pregnant. This new crop of babies doesn't know what they're in for.

Friday, October 16, 2009

We are ... Penn State!

Jack's birthday party wasn't the only reason we went home last weekend, although it did give us a very good excuse. Of course, we had to pack every square inch of the 3 full days we had at home with some sort of visit or activity, and we still didn't accomplish everything we wanted to. We are always so busy when we go back to PA to visit, it's often exhausting, but for some reason I always come back to Virginia feeling rejuvinated and ready to go!

Jon and I both realized this is the first time we've been home in the Fall since we got married. Jack's birthday is the most gorgeous time of year, hopefully we can make this a tradition.
We arrived late Thursday night after a tumultuous car ride. Jack refused to go to sleep even though he was obviously tired and it was wayyyy past his bed time. Since when are 1 year olds allowed to have opinions? Anyway, we finally got the lullaby music going and that knocked him out for the last 1.5 hours of our trip.

After Jack's morning nap we bundled him up for a chilly, could-rain-any-second, Pennsylvania day at the Farmer's Market. My mom was taking her class there for a field trip, complete with hay rides, farm animals, playground, corn maize, super slide and lunch. We just met up with them for lunch and a chance for Jack to meet his latest group of adoring 5 year old fans.

Friday night was homecoming at Jon's high school. It was the first time he's been back for a football game since he graduated. Unfortunately, it started to rain so Jack and I had to leave before the first half. But he was really in to it for the amount of time we were there. I think he was paying more attention to the field than I was. Which was good practice for the next day - Penn State.

My in-laws, Jon and I had tickets for the big game that weekend and my parents offered to spend the whole day with their favorite grandson. Then they ended up getting free tickets so we brought Jack along for his (and my) first Penn State game. We picked up some BBQ on the way so we could tailgate in the parking lot, er, field before heading into the game. We had great seats, wayyyy behind the visiting team while my parents and Jack were on the other side of the stadium sitting in the "parents' section". From what I hear, Jack made lots of new friends amongst the Penn State football players parents. It was a fun game, even though our team creamed the visitors. And the halftime show was pretty impressive.

I was never a fan of football before I met my husband, but I've been working on it. The nice thing about Beaver Stadium is that whenever you get tired of watching the field there's plenty of other nice views to check out.

And so, the sun set on yet another great weekend in the homeland. Next time we visit there will hopefully be snow on the ground!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Party Animals

On Sunday we had a birthday party for Jack with our family and friends in Pennsylvania. This is my first, of many, birthday parties as a mom. Well, not too many. Jon and I decided, after loading all the new toys in the back of the car, that Jack doesn't need another birthday party for a looonnng time. But hey, it's the big 0-1 and we wanted to celebrate ... farm style!

My "party planner" friend Megan made the invitations and food placecards.

My in-laws not only graciously opened up their home to our numerous party guests, and allowed Jack to throw green-iced cake all over their carpet, but also had all the farmy decorations set up and ready to go before we even arrived on the scene.

And my mom helped me out with the food, made a phenomenal barn and tractor cake, and being the great bargain shopper that she is, found Jack's cowboy outfit (along with 4 or 5 other bags of clothes) at a yard sale the other weekend!

I think our little cowboy was slightly stunned by all the attention he was getting. It took him a while to catch on to the whole "cake thing." He spent a few minutes poking the side with one finger and then shaking the icing off his hand. Eventually he tore a wheel off, grabbed the side and then crumbled the entire tractor. I'm not really sure if he ate any cake though. :)

After cake there was a hay ride for the kids, "Nonnie style." She needed some helping getting up the hill with her tow, and I got a little nervous when I saw her sailing back down the hill. But the kiddos had a great time and returned unscathed ... except poor Edie who threw up just a little.

It was the perfect day for a party and we had a great time with some of our favorite people!

In the end, our weary, little cowboy rode off into the sunset ... er, to bed, to rest up before our long drive back to Virginia.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Birthday Suit

My son has the cutest, chunkiest, little thighs. I just love to gnaw on them! But the other day I realized, that not many of YOU get to see those adorable little ham shanks. Unfortunately, YOU don't have the honor of changing Jack's diapers or clothes several times a day. A few days ago, Jack managed to sneak into the pantry, root through the cleaning bucket, and dump floor cleaner all over the carpet and his pants (this is probably very dangerous but don't worry, he came out unscathed). So I threw off his pants and let him run around in only a shirt and diaper the rest of the day. I also realized that I never have pictures of Jack's chunkiness, because I never let the kid run around "nudey" as we say in our house. Or even in just a diaper. I think this is because my mom bought us so many clothes that we never run out, even if I'm incredible behind on laundry. Plus it makes me feel better knowing my child is "put together."
Anyway, ALL THAT to say, I was suddenly inspired to snap a few shots of my son is his Birthday Suit, in honor of the big day - TODAY!

Actually, I think he's thinned out a bit. Look at that skinny, little waist hidden under that big belly!

But he's still got his Popeye muscles!

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