Monday, February 18, 2008

The News is Out

Being Jon and Janine, we don't like to waste any time. Less than 12 hours after getting my positive home-test, I was sitting in the doctor's office getting my blood drawn. Confirmed! I called Jon, who was working that night, to let him know. At the time, I was unaware that Jon's co-workers sometimes listen in to his phone calls in case the dialogue pertains to "official business." It did not take long for this particular person to determine that this phone call was fairly "unofficial." Too late. And so the first to hear of our exciting news was none other than Jon's fellow Coasties.
When Jon works the night shift for the whole weekend we see very little of each other. So without adequate time to discuss our "news release" we had decided to hold off for a few days until we could think of a fun and creative way to share.
The ladies I work with have pretty keen baby-dars (I'm something like the 8th person to get pregnant in our building this year) and so the secret was out within the first half hour of that Monday morning. Of coure, everyone was compelled to silence until we could figure out the best way to tell everyone.
As much as we wanted to drop the bomb in person, we knew we wouldn't be able to wait that long. So we finally developed a scheme. That Tuesday immediately after getting home from work, Jon and I ran out to the beach (the cold, wet beach) and snapped some shots of our footprints in the sand. A few computer clicks later and we had our announcement. Then we just had to wait until we knew our families were home, and off went the email. Our phones were ringing the rest of the night.
By the time we had finished updating our family and close friends it was time for bed. When we awoke the next morning, the news was OUT! (credit goes to Facebook) So much for trying to tell everyone personally. I succombed to sending out a mass email to everyone we know and following up with as many phone calls as possible. If there is anyone out there that is still unaware of the newest Tillman family development, you have my apologies. (But obviously you never email me or I'd have your current address and would have sent you an announcement.)
I think the best thing about babies is that they make people so happy! :)

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