Wednesday, May 14, 2008

To know or not to know

On Thursday, May 22nd at approximately 7:00am, Lord and Baby J willing, Handsome Coastie and I should find out whether we're expecting a boy or a girl this fall. The anticipation is really getting to me!
Those of you who were in on my pre-pregnancy plans may be surprised to hear this, because a few months ago I was dead-set on leaving the sex of my baby a surprise until the day it was born. But my dear husband will have none of it. As a planner, I rarely find myself really, truly, downright surprised. I figure this is my one opportunity. But as a planner who is married to a planner, my husband needs to know what we're having so that he can spend the next 5 months preparing, mentally and physically, for a son or daughter.
Now that we've made the decision to find out, I'm beginning to see the many advantages which include a.) being able to buy baby things before J's arrival in colors other than yellow or cream and b.) being able to get to better know and bond with J prior to the birth-day.
So vote on the poll if you haven't yet because one week from now the secret will be out. And hopefully I can get my surprise baby a few years from now when go for round two!

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