Sunday, January 6, 2013

Here we go again

Oh how quickly we forget ... the first trimester.

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11 week baby bump.
(Speaking of forgetting, the only time I remember to take a picture with the "nice camera" is when I'm not wearing sweats or when it's dark out.  A cell phone pic will have to suffice.)

This one has been very different from the other three, mainly because I started out with symptoms so EARLY!  I was sick before I even knew I was pregnant, and things have been steadily progressing ever since.  So I'm going on 8 weeks of nausea now but that's it, as much as I want to complain about how sick I feel, there's a Dutchess out there who was much worse off and would gladly be in my shoes.  So I'm thankful that for the most part, I'm still able to function normally.  As long as I eat first thing in the morning, it's not too bad.  I just feel like I'm on the verge of vomiting constantly.  It's only if I wait too long that there are problems. 

Like the morning Julia was up bright and early with a diarrhea diaper.  Mmmm, my favorite thing to do before even rubbing the sleep out of my eyes is to change really disgusting poopy diapers.  Especially when my gag reflex is ultra-senstive.  Yup, all I have to do is smell one of Lia's diapers and it sets me off.  Anyway, we were up, I changed her, we played together, I decided to make pancakes, then the boys got up and there were more clothes-changing and potty breaks and before I knew it I had forgotten to eat and was feeling seriously queasy.  I left the last four pancakes cooking on the stove and ran up to the bathroom, but since that was the one the boys also use it only made things much, much worse. So I ran into our room where Jon was still sleeping and reached it just in time.  Poor hubby got to wake up to the sound of me barfing over the toilet.

The boys having been getting a lot more "screen time" now that Mommy's out of commission.
And that was when I was only 5 weeks.  I didn't even know I was pregnant with two of my kids by that point and I'm already throwing up with this one??  It has me worried there might be more than one in there.  So I've been battling the morning/noon/night sickness with lots of carbs and ice water, eating all day long, hoping that if I can keep the worst external symptoms at bay I could possibly alter any internal circumstances.  Totally not legit but it makes me feel somewhat in control, and heaven knows "control" and pregnancy don't really mingle in my life.

My other major symptom is exhaustion.  Another one I forgot all about. I think I'd rather be sick than exhausted.  In fact, I'd rather be throwing up a couple times a day than be exhausted.  I feel like I could get more done in between barfs than I do now that I have absolutely no energy or motivation. I actually just up and fell asleep on the couch one afternoon.  That's just not something I do... ever.  Again, I was only 4-something weeks.  A little early for such extremes.  Jude and Julia were down for naps and I closed my eyes for just a second ... next thing I knew Jack was shoving a music box in my ear and the entire living room was littered with crayons, paper, and Play-Doh.  Since I really can't go around passing out and leaving a 4 year old unattended, this exhaustion thing has got to end.  I don't really know how to fight it either.  I'm limiting my caffeine intake but it doesn't matter since most caffeinated things don't sound appealing now anyway.

Cold, fresh air is one thing that keeps Mommy alert.
He calls this his "fire department helmet." I made the mistake of referring to it as a "hat" and was promplty corrected.
Ah, food aversions.  I picked up the coffee habit this summer.  Well, I don't know about "habit" but I do drink it whenever my husband is home and makes some extra.  Up until this year, I was only a social drinker, partaking in an after dinner coffee at Thanksgiving and Christmas just to feel included with the rest of the family.  Well even that was out this year because coffee has completely lost it's appeal.   And it's not just coffee, as usual it's difficult to cook for my family when nothing sounds good.  Well, not nothing.  Chipotle, the old stand-by, is always an option.  But I don't know if I can say I'm craving it since we eat it so regularly anyway.   I will say, the one edible item that I cannot get off my mind are those Bacon-Wrapped-Chorizo-Stuffed-Dates we had at the Chop House when our friends were in town a few weeks ago.  Literally, they pop into my head several times a day and then hang out there for a few hours.  I was "this close" to satisfying that craving during our date night a few weeks ago ... until we got there and realized the Chop House had a 3 hour wait.  I need to find out if they do take-out because I cannot handle this torture much longer. 

Here Mom, maybe you should try eating a rock.
Action shot.
Needless to say, the best part about Christmas vacation was not having to grocery shop, meal plan or cook for 10 days.  And having plenty of food around to eat to my heart's content (my husband's been giving me a hard time regarding my second and third "breakfasts").  The problem this past week has been that whatever sounded good yesterday, or even a few hours before, suddenly loses its appeal by the time we sit down to dinner.  It's hard to encourage my kids to clean their plates when I'm having a hard time getting started myself!

Other than that, we're doing well.  Well, we're doing well regardless.  I've said it before, I'm sure I've said three times before, but on some certain level I'm grateful for the symptoms.  Although not fun, they're a wanted reminder that things are progressing and normal.  The first trimester is full of so many uncertainties.  While I by no means want to rush through this pregnancy, I'll be happy to reach the next stage.  The good news is, while frightening at the same time, is the next "stage" will be here all too soon!


Jennifer Smith said...

Jude looks like Uncle Jared in one of the first photos!

J9 said...

Yes! We were watching family videos over Christmas and saying how much Jude reminds us of little Jared!

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