Sunday, April 14, 2013

Coming up for air

So a few days before we left for Florida I had this crazy notion that I had a little too much free time on my hands.  I've really hit my stride these last few months since my job ended.  My youngest is now 18 months and, although hardly independent, I'm finding my hands are free more and more these days.  Then again, after we got home from our trip, it did take me a few days to re-adjust to all the nose blowing, snack fetching, diaper changing, bottom wiping, etc. requests that are made of me on a daily basis.  But anyway, one day in a fit defiance I scanned through the job listings on Craigslist and sent out a few resumes.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm certainly not bored.  And if I really wanted to it would be more than easy to stay busy all day, there are plenty of clothes that needed laundered and rooms that need cleaned and, if nothing else, Jack is always willing to fetch a large stack of books to read through in one sitting.  So it's not that I NEED something to keep me busy.  Nor is it the money, let's face it, most work-at-home-mom jobs don't pay THAT well.  I just wanted something different, something other than home-management and kid-rearing to occasionally turn my focus to, something to keep my resume from dropping off a steep cliff, something to ensure that other side of my brain stays in good working order.  So I took a stab at a few telecommuting jobs and then packed my bags and set off on vacation.

Forget I was pregnant?  Don't worry, I do it all the time lately. 24.5 weeks!
The first day in Florida I heard back from a transcription company with instructions on how to complete an online screening exam.  And by our fourth day in Florida I had received an email from a local real investor wanting to meet with me regarding a Web Marketing and Database management position.  And so, the morning after our return to Maryland, I took my little sunburnt-self off to Starbucks to meet who is now my new boss.  It's just a small job, so far only a few hours a week, but it's combining two things I really enjoy - web marketing and real estate.  Things are supposed to pick up over the next few weeks but I've already learned (*cough* self-taught *cough*) myself so much that it's been more than worth it.  On a whim, and during a VERY long evening, I completed the transcription screening and was SHOCKED to receive notice that I was hired the next day.  I may have over-embellished the short stint I did as a temp worker for a lawyer many years ago to fulfill the "experience" requirement because the training manual and guidelines the transcription agency have given me are definitely NOT answering all my questions.  It's been slow-going, and after 5 days on the job I think I've just made enough to pay off the foot pedal I had to purchase.  But it's oddly rewarding work.  And I have to admit, it's a little fun to eavesdrop on these court proceedings.

So all that to say, I've been busier than I anticipated this last week.  Now that I'm getting more into the groove I hope it doesn't take up as much time.  Because I also just got asked to head up publicity for our MOPS group next year.  And I'm SUPER excited about that.  And so, as I told Jon, I'm going to give this a try for a little while and if it's not working for our family, well at least I gave it a shot.

And the slip 'n slide is back!

Smolder much?

She was afraid of the slip 'n slide, so I gave her a basin of water.  And then she cried whenever she got wet.  Clearly we need to teach this girl what a swimsuit is for!
Speaking of the family, we are just dandy!  Some weeks go so well, and this happened to be one of them.  I wish I knew why exactly, so I could replicate those variables each and every week, but apparently it's just another one of those mysteries of motherhood.  I actually took all three children to the farm stand, library, Chick-Fil-A and grocery store (in one morning!) without a single issue.  Let me tell ya folks, that has never been done before!  And the cashier actually complimented them on their behavior, that doesn't happen often either.  She must have missed our entering the store, when Julia screamed for 10 minutes straight because both boys were in the "car" (those huge, bulky Mom carts) and there was no room for her.  I let her sit in the car for the first time last week while Jack was at preschool and it appears she will no longer have it any other way.  The cashier also mentioned that I seemed like a very calm mom of small children.  That, I explained to her, was because I knew that as soon as we left the store it would be naptime.  And not that my kids drive me so crazy that I can't wait to send them off to their rooms, but hey, I'm never one to turn down a few hours of mama-peace!

Mmm, peace.  For the first time since Daylight Savings Time stole into our lives, my kids are back to their 7:00/7:30 bedtime.  Of course, they also wake up at 7:00 in the morning but I don't mind that at all.  I'm a morning person, I start to run out of gas by the end of dinner and if I can give myself the biggest break at that point of the day I'm all for it.  I'm all about preserving the early bedtime and that means doing my darndest to wear my kids out during the day.  That's been going well too.

Thanks to this weather!  I think it's safe to say spring has finally arrived!  We spent ALL of Monday outdoors and it was glorious!  We returned to the woods, got reacquainted with the sandbox and later in the week planted part of the garden.  Naturally, my kids have been very dirty.  I mean dirt up to their eyeballs.  Julia had mud in her ears the other day, Jack's feet were so dirty last evening that I actually thought he was wearing brown socks, and every night when Jude puts his head on his pillow he leaves a little pile of sand behind.  But that's a happy kind of dirty.  Well, except when company is coming.

Spring also means Daddy spends his entire weekend doing yard work.
Hard worker has its reward, kisses from Lia!
Let's just say Marmie and Poppa missed the kids so much they came back two days after saying their goodbyes.  Okay, so it wasn't exactly like that.  Marmie and Poppa had their own trip to Florida planned, just a few days after ours, and since we're conveniently located near a major airport, and provide clean rooms, hot meals and taxi services to our traveling family members, we got to see the grandparents (and their  friends) on their way to the south and yesterday on their way back.  Which has caused utter confusion for Jude, who often asks "Where are (insert name of grandparent, aunt, uncle, cousin, etc.)?" and is used to hearing "Pennsylvania" as the answer.  Poor thing thinks everyone goes to Florida every week and wants to know when it's going to be his turn!

Watching for visitors!
Little does he know hot and humid Florida can't hold a candle to Maryland in the spring!  Allergies aside, there are new flowers blooming every day, I have a bowl full of flower petals by my kitchen window to prove it.  Unfortunately, my sons haven't realized they need to include the stem when picking a bloom.  And although we hit the nearly unenjoyable temperature of 90 last week, these next few days promise to be pleasantly mild.  I'm not sure what the chances are of having two great weeks in a row.  I'm not sure if I'll even get to see much of that sunshine if I don't learn to transcribe a little faster over these next few days, but I guarantee our windows will be open and fresh pollen will help cover over that layer of sand my children have been tracking in all week.  The sun is shining, ain't nothing going to get me down!

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Mauby said...

First, I am totally jealous of your Florida trip! Since moving back to MD I miss FL everyday.

Second, This MD weather is sooo dreadful! ha! I will take the beach over this humidity any day! I am further North in MD though (still east) so maybe we get more humidity on this part of the bay?

Glad to at least be near family now!

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