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This post is a 'lil late in coming.  That's partly because the Handsome Coastie has been using up a bunch of vacation days lately and we've been busy having lots of fun as a family... and also taking care of a doctor's appointments, one eye doctor visit, three cardiologist appointments, two trips to the dentist, and anything else I've been able to squeeze in while I've got an extra hand to help with the kids!

It's also a bit delayed because when I sat down to start blogging yesterday, I got inevitably sidetracked.  Which meant my computer was still sitting (closed) at the table when it was time for dinner yesterday.  And since we can rarely get through a meal without someone spilling their drink ... well, you guessed it.  So the Macbook ended up with a teeny, tiny bit of milk in the back vent.  And of course, it wouldn't start up again.  Even after sitting upright all night.

 So this morning the kids and I prayed, I took the back off of it and gently cleaned it off with alcohol, and an hour later it was up and running again!  I mention this story here just in case you're keeping track of the number of laptop/cell phone "incidents" I've had just since starting this blog.  I've lost track myself, but it seems that I incur a technological catastrophe approximately every six months.  So I guess I should be good until the winter now!

An airplane flew overhead!

Anyhoo, moving on.  Vacation was a week earlier than usual this year.  We were expecting a large group at the beach house which meant renting the biggest house we could find.  And between everyone's schedules and the house availability, we landed on the last week of June.  We were a little apprehensive about weather this early in the season, but we ended up having the perfect week!

And not only was the air temperature lovely, but the water was surprisingly "not too cold" as well!  It was a bit overcast the day we arrived and the day before we left, but I don't complain about a little break from the sun here and there.  Especially since I kinda forgot to put lotion on my back on our very first day.  Something about trying to get four kids in swimsuits and lathered up, and all our people and stuff out to the beach--naturally, something is going to slip my mind!

 Speaking of kids and the beach, they all did really well this year.  We were at a sweet spot in life where Joci will still take a nap anywhere (and by anywhere, I mean anywhere she's being held) and Julia can usually go without a nap.  Then again, vacation life takes it's toll on everyone so Lia actually was more than happy to fall asleep on Poppa a few different days.

The ONE and ONLY nap she took that someone wasn't holding her ... it lasted 20 minutes.
And the boys do pretty well at entertaining themselves and playing together.  Thankfully there's also lots of grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends around to entertain them.

Photo credit: Uncle Micah
Jude quickly attached himself to Aunt Kylee's mom--Miss Lynel.  They would play games together down by the water every day.  And if Miss Lynel wasn't around, then Jude would ask, "Hey!  Where's that girl that runs in the waves with me?"

Miss Lynel made us a Mexican meal for dinner one night. In addition to watching "Nacho Libre" there was a contest for who could make the best sombrero out of Play-Doh.
Both boys were braver than ever this year, going way out into the water with Daddy.

Lia, on the other hand, didn't even want to go near the waves.  Which meant lots of trips back to the beach house whenever she had to go potty.  Or thought she had to go potty.  Or thought she'd like to pretend to go potty.  Or whatever it is that goes through 2.5 year olds' heads 10 times a day.

And then there was Joci.  Please, next time I get to wondering, in that wistful voice, if we should have had "one more," just remind me of this week at the beach with my 11 month old.  You know, the one that never let me put her down.  The one that screamed and cried and threw herself on the floor if I left the room.  The one that was up two and three times in the night, and then up for good when the sun started peaking through the blinds.  The one that refused to sit in the shade at the beach unless I was right there with her (the shade is not where I like to spend my beach vacations, mind you).

A little bubbles play!

Thankfully, Marmie and Poppa stepped in a few times and between their willingness to take long walks around South Bethany and the miracle of the Ergo, I was able to get a small break most mornings and a little suntan to go with it.  Jon just kept reminding me that by next year's vacation things will look very different.  No preggo bellies and no babies, it is certainly something to look forward to!

While the kids did great at the beach every day, our evenings were a different story.  I realize it's a long day and that the sun can really zap you.  So naturally our brood was a bit more sensitive than usual.  And most nights we had them in bed by 7 or 7:30.  Which is incredibly early at the beach!  But we didn't want to spend our evenings trapped in the beach house EVERY night.  So we did venture out twice.  Both times one or two of our kids had terrible meltdowns.  Enough to make me question if it's really worth it.  But since we only have pictures of smiles from those evenings, and kids have such short memories, I think it's safe to say we look back on the entire week with fondness.

As is our yearly tradition, we had our family photos taken on the lifeguard chairs after dinner.  It was a little earlier in the day than usual, which is why the sun is so strong.  And why we're all squinting and "smiling like Joci."  But you can't stop a tradition!

And as is also becoming a tradition, our kids took several turns jumping off the lifeguard chair.  They don't even ask us to catch them any more.

And that's a wrap!  We love you South Bethany Beach.  We're incredibly thankful we got to visit you this year.  And we're pretty excited that we're able to have you on the agenda for the next year or so, depending on the Coast Guard's mood.


One thing my extended family has done after vacations and holidays is to all share our "favorite thing."  So as part of the kids' thank-yous to Marmie and Poppa they each drew their favorite part of vacation.  They were too cute not to capture and share here.

And just in case you're curious, Jon's favorite part was having quiet time each morning (special thanks to Joci for getting us both up at least an hour before the rest of the house!)  He read an entire book at the beach this year!  And my favorite memory was playing Quelf.  I highly recommend it.  Hearing my husband yodel (while simultaneously holding a finger up his nose) was one of the highlights of the entire vacation!

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