Monday, August 18, 2014

Grandy Camp 2014, Part 1

Adapted from excerpts of Marmie's emails and phone calls and Poppa's cell phone pictures.

Day #1
The kids started the day with pancakes and juice. Both boys gave Marmie compliments on the delicious breakfast! Jack wanted her to write down what he said so that "when Mommy came she would give him a ticket for good manners!" [We've started using a ticket system for chores and rewards.]

After breakfast, Marmie gave everyone a tubby and in the midst of it all, somehow Jude's pajama top ended up in the toilet!

They managed to make it to church on time and Uncle Micah saved them seats. After church, they went to Uncle Micah's, ordered pizza, and played with toys until 3:30. Then they left to see the new Planes movie. Of course, the kids needed popcorn and got a free drink to share. The boys rated the movie as better than even Wreck-It Ralph!

Everyone came home, jumped on the trampoline, and then ate dinner. As a reward for eating everything on their plates, the kids got to go feed the neighbor's two rabbits.

And of course, since they were covered in dirt from the trampoline, Marmie gave them another tubby. And then they all went right to sleep.

Marmie says they have enjoyed all the silly things the kids say ... good times!

Digging for worms for fishing.

Day #2
The night before, both boys ran fevers .Jack's was 101.7 but Jude did not want Marmie to take his. He started around midnight and wanted her to stay with him. So Marmie and Jude shared his twin mattress until 6:00am when both boys woke up.

Jack's was about the same but both seemed better by 10:00 so they went ahead with their plan to spend the day at Tobias' Animal Safari in Halifax, about an hour and a half away. It was a great idea...the kids loved feeding the huge animals that came up to the tour bus. Julia was especially excited to hold out the rye crackers and the bravest of the three.

They stayed for over five hours, had a picnic in the pavilion, and enjoyed two of the playgrounds. Jack really liked the snakes! There was a reptile presentation, but Jude and Julia fell asleep and missed the whole thing.  

Everyone ate at a new restaurant on the way home and the kids cleaned their plates! Then when they got home, played toys and jumped on the trampoline before tubbies. Some new neighbors dropped by to meet Marmie and Poppa and brought all 9 of their kids, so the J-Team didn't get to bed until 9:00.

Jack asked Marmie to tell his mom what good listeners they have been ... guess he was counting on more tickets toward Legos!

Day #3
Marmie had a hair appointment from 10 to 12 so Poppa was on his own with the kids that morning. She packed lunches and got Lia ready before leaving, but Jack slept until 10:30! That was over thirteen hours! Afterwards they all met up at the playground and stayed there two hours, had a picnic, and fed the ducks. The gang came home and changed into swimsuits...except for Julia who fell asleep in the car. 

The boys jumped on the trampoline with the sprinkler underneath for an hour, and when Julia woke up they invited the neighbor girl to join them in the creek. They had such a good time catching crayfish and minnows that they would have stayed even longer, sliding down over the waterfalls (as Jude called it.) Julia didn't want to get wet, but she liked tickling the minnows they caught! 

Their minnow and crayfish "habitat."
Next was Lewisburg's National Night Out. It was GREAT fun... putting out fake fires with a real fireman's hose, using the hose to push a rubber duck, petting animal hides, playing in inflatable bouncy obstacle courses. The kids got lots of free prizes and food in the two hours before a storm came and the event closed because of lightning.

Then it was home for ice cream and bed. Another fun day making sweet memories!

Day #4
Poppa and Marmie took the kids fishing at a friend's pond and they caught 7 fish, a couple trees branches, and lots of "seaweed" as Jude calls algae! Of course, they took a picnic and wore their fishing boots. Jude caught the biggest fish.  

As they were loading up to go home, Marmie's friend came walking down the road and invited everyone up to her house for fruit kabobs, pretzels, and freezer pops in her gazebo. The kids helped her catch her chickens and she gave each of them a ride on her motor scooter.

After they went home and got cleaned up, it was time for Knoebels for the Family Bargain Night. Dinner was first and then they rode rides from 6-10:00. The boys loved the water Flume! Julia loved riding down the big sliding board with Poppa and screaming in the train tunnel. Everyone had a great time and once they got their jammies on they were all asleep in minutes!

Day #5
Marmie and Poppa took the kids to spend the day at Rickets Glen with Poppie and Nonnie, who were camping there that week along with Uncle Matt, Aunt Rachel, and the cousins. It was a bit breezy but they still spent the afternoon at the beach. There was only one small shovel and a hoe that was found earlier in the week, so the kids had to make their own fun! Even Julia was knee deep in the water!!! 

Photo Credit: Nonnie
Holding "Ricket" the raccoon. 

Photo Credit: Nonnie

Photo Credit: Nonnie

Photo Credit: Nonnie
After an afternoon treat at the snack bar, Jude and Julia crawled up on Marmie and Aunt Rachel's laps and slept for an hour and a half. Aunt Rachel had to go back to the campsite, so she handed sleeping Julia to Nonnie and she kept right on sleeping!

Photo Credit: Nonnie

Photo Credit: Nonnie

Photo Credit: Nonnie

Photo Credit: Nonnie
Dinner was corn on the cob and mountain pies over the fire. Then they roasted marshmallows (Jude's favorite part of the whole week!) before Marmie and Poppa took Julia home for bed, but left the boys behind to spend the night with Nonnie and Poppie in their big tent!

Day #6
Poppa and Marmie spent the morning with Julia, taking her on a bike ride and shopping for "treats." Meanwhile, the boys hung out at the campground with Nonnie and Poppie, playing with their cousins.

Photo Credit: Nonnie

Photo Credit: Nonnie

Photo Credit: Nonnie

Photo Credit: Nonnie
Making their own fun!

Photo Credit: Nonnie
They were back in time for dinner and fast asleep by the time Jon, Joci and I rolled in late Friday night.

(To be continued.)

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