Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Fall, Y'all!

Reading: "The House at Riverton" by Kate Morton. I saw this recommended on another blog, especially for Downton Abbey lovers. So far, I'm not finding it to be a "can't put down" book. But maybe that's because I've only been attempting to read it right before bed when I can hardly keep my eyes open.

Watching: Need you ask? "Death Comes to Pemberley" is on Masterpiece Mystery this week and next. You can bet your booty I'm watching it.

Listening to: George Winston Radio or Autumn Jazz, both on Pandora. And while we're at it, can we please start putting out autumn albums like we do with Christmas? I feel like this season needs some music all its own!
I think Daylight Savings should take place on October 31. And I think instead of just one hour we should, like, roll back a couple of days. Because I'm just not ready to see this month end. October, I heart-shaped leaf you.

Can we just talk about ambience for a second here? I feel like my whole world is bathed in golden hues from morning to night. Okay, maybe not morning, since that's been starting before 6:00am here.

Actually, today it started at 5:00am with one little girl SCREAMING (something about being chased by a choo-choo and giant lobster?!?) which in turn woke another little girl who was ACTUALLY sleeping soundly this morning. So I put them both in bed with me since Jon had already left for work. Yeah, that was fun. Joci fell asleep three times and all three times Big Sis had something she was just dying to say. You know how it is, gotta get that stuff off your chest at zero-dark-thirty...

Where was I? Ah, yes. Amber light filtering down through the trees and bathing my humble abode in its warmth ...

My sentimentality really starts to ramp up this time of year. I just love this house. I love all that golden light. Those leaves!! The friendly neighbors out raking those leaves! The bend in our road that makes it look like we live in the middle of an autumn forest. The birds' songs that are so much less "chirpy" and so much more "siren song." The school secretary that KNOWS me before I can even before I can give her my name (I'd like to think it's because of this area's small-towny charm, but honestly, I'm probably the only person trying to drop stuff off at the elementary school office with three little kids in tow.) My wonderful MOPS group and making fall crafts with said group. Jeans, sweatshirts, slippers! Fires, and trying to decide between reading or crocheting by the firelight. Sleeping with the windows open and under a pile of blankets. Hot drinks--morning, mid-morning, afternoon, and sometimes at night when I'm feeling frisky!

And do you know how distracting it can all get? The window I wash dishes by ... you probably didn't even notice those dirty dishes waiting by the sink.

Or where I fold laundry. Who can think of laundry when there are so many shades of yellow to behold?

Or the view from the table where I do computer work.

Or where I gaze out over a messy floor and think, "Man, someone should really clean that up" before the window-gazing takes over.

(As a sidenote, laying on the floor is clearly an invitation for your 15 month old to come lay on top of you and give you smooches.)

Of course, the more I dig my heels into the here and now, the more I can't help but glance ahead to the there and then. That unknown just down the road. You've probably heard, I'm SURE you have, the Anne of Green Gables quote, "I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers." Well lemme tell you, Anne, about a world where there isn't Octobers: Hawaii. And *bites lip* that is on the shortlist for our next move in 2-3 years. I like to tell myself that, with all that ocean, sand, sun, fresh fruit, volcanic mountains, I won't even miss October. But on days like this, even I find that hard to believe.

Of course, ask me how I feel about Hawaii come February and I just may be singing a different tune.

Jack's art teacher uploads photos of his work online so we can all see it. Obviously, this is a kid after my own heart!
I'll stop there. No use borrowing trouble. A lot could happen in 2 years. For instance, we could build a Coast Guard station in Prince Edward Island that just happens to have a job in Jon's area of expertise. And we could just happen to stumble upon a white farmhouse with green gables to live in. See? A girl can dream.

Perks of a daddy who works 12 hour days? Long weekends!

And frolics in the meadow.

Pumpkin ring toss--we were game testing for Jack's school party.
And perhaps that's what October is, the archway to dreaming season. And perhaps it starts with letting the kids wear costumes while running errands. Because when your morning starts at 5:00am, it's only natural to want to dress like Cinderella by 7:00am. And when your mom's morning starts at 5:00am, she just may not have the energy to change you more than once. And so maybe you not only wear your princess dress to Target, but you also are still wearing your jammies beneath it.

It was costume day at school too.
So not only did Cinderella wave goodbye to Captain America as he got on the bus this morning, but Cinderella's mom noticed the toothpaste was getting low and, after re-heating her coffee 5 (yes, 5!!!) times that morning, decided to just dump it in a travel mug and go--get out of the house, taking Cinder and "Team Ninjant Turtle" with her. Along with another child dressed as a screaming 15 month old who is very angry that she's not allowed to crawl outside and follow her big brother onto the school bus.

Because, you know what? Let them be little. Let them revel in their innocence. Let them think it's a perfectly grand idea to wear tulle and turtle heads to the post office. Because someday, someone is going to tell them otherwise. And I only have so much time to celebrate their childhood between now and then.

Happy Fall, y'all!

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