Friday, December 5, 2008

Boys' Night

Last night I had to attend an Open House for work. So I left my baby for the longest amount of time yet (3.5 hours!), and for the first time over a feeding. Armed with a bottle, freezer stocked full of frozen milk, and explicit instructions on diaper changing and nap times, Jon was ready to spend quality time with his son. I was a little apprehensive as Jon was still recovering from his baby-bathing experience from the night before. It included two pees and one poop, all ocurring before Jon was able to get the diaper on. But both Jon and Jack seemed to recover quickly and were ready for a fun evening of chillin' in the easy-chair watching the military channel.

I only called twice to check on things, and was promptly told to stop interrupting boys' night. Apparently things went really well, maybe a little too well. I find it hard to believe that my son could fare so well without me. :( I was hoping it would be another 20 years before he realized he didn't need me around all the time. Then again, now that Jon has established himself as a more-than-capable baby daddy, I'm planning on there being many more boys' nights to come. And boys' afternoons, and boys' mornings ... For instance, I'd like to get back to grocery shopping. Somehow, in the craziness that occured since October 12, Jon took over the grocery shopping task as well as a lot of the vacumming and laundry. It seemed nice at first, but I soon realized that his helpfulness was allowing him to miss out on some prime baby time, and as much as I love housework, I have to admit it is a nice break from baby stuff. Not to mention that money we save when I'm the one monitoring what goes in the grocery cart. So after last night's success Dad has no more excuses! Besides, someone's got to teach Jack how to be a man!


Ocean's Page said...

Yes, I have to agree. I never thought that Housework would be a reprieve.... :)

Tricia said...

Awwww... That's precious!

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