Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The many faces of Jack Jack

Our little baby is so entertaining! Especially when he makes his adorable faces. Here's a few of our favorites:

The furrowed brow
My one friend calls this the "Mr. Magoo" look. He definitely resembles an old man when he does this. Usually he pulls this one out when we're burping him. He's a very focused burper.

The crooked lip
Jack's lips are under debate. We're pretty sure he has Jon's lower lip, and my upper one. :) Which is probably why they don't always line up straight. Usually, when he's sleeping and utterly relaxed, he lets the "crooked lip" slide. It's a personal favorite!

The Praise-the-Lord poseThis is how Jack sleeps, much to his father's chagrin, who is constantly concerned with his cold hands. It doesn't matter how many times Jon places them back under the covers, Jack pops them out again a few minutes later. This is also how you can tell if he's really sleeping. If, after you put Jack down for his nap, he doesn't soon assume the "Praise-the-Lord" pose, then you can be sure he'll be up again in a very short while.
The spy eyeJack's Nonnie loves this one. He tends to give me the wink when I'm holding him as he's falling asleep. I think he's trying to sneak a peak to make sure I'm still there and haven't dropped him off in his bed.
The I'm-holding-my-leftover-dinner-in-my-cheeks-in-case-you-forget-to-feed-me look
Haha, sometimes Jack's cheeks are so big they flop out over his chest! When you couple the big cheeks with extra-wide eyes, it makes me wonder just what he's holding back...

The almost-smile
Jack has been giving us some genuine smiles lately, the kind that make his eyes light up and his little feet kick. Sometimes it takes a good minute or two of his dad or I acting crazy, but we're just excited that he's excited. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to capture these incredible moments on camera yet. So here is a photo of Jack's almost-smile. If this face melts my heart, you can imagine what a real smile does!!

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