Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The day we found out about #2

We had just gotten back from our vacation and had a small hunch that change was in the air. Jon had just been invited to apply for a temporary position overseas which involved 3 months of training (starting in Sept.) and 6 months of work (time which we would be apart). Although not ideal, we both knew it was a great opportunity for his career. Since we're planning on being married another 70-80 years, 6 months didn't seem like too much of a sacrifice. So although not crazy about being a single mom for 6 months, I was supportive of his decision. ...And then I saw the second little line on the pregnancy test.
Now you may be wondering what cute little way I had cooked up to tell Jon. Especially after my awesome Dad pancakes last year. Unfortunately, it didn't play out as well as I had envisioned. It was August 12 and Jon had just gotten home from work (hours later than usual I might add). He immediately started talking about his application for the new job. We started to sit down to dinner and I asked him to get a "special treat" out of the oven. He opened it up and there was one lonely bun. He didn't get. "It's just a bun ... and the oven's not even warm." Then I said, "Yes, I know ... there's a BUN in the OVEN." Then it hit him. That made our decision about the overseas job much easier and I'm happy to report that my husband will be by my side throughout this whole prenancy and delivery.

I went to the clinic for a blood test that night. I was disappointed to find that I would be seeing the weird doctor that I did not like, the one that had offered me a perscription for birth control less than 2 monthes before. A perscription that I had obviously never filled. :) He walked into the room and the first thing he said was, "I take it the pills didn't work." Blah to awkward doctors!
So I'm sure some people think we're crazy for having children only 18 months apart. But we're very excited about Baby #2 and can't wait to go through the whole pregnancy, childbirth and (my not-so-favorite part) the newborn months all over again! We hated keeping it a secret but, for several reasons, originally decided to wait until the second trimester to make the big announcement. We also thought it would be more fun to tell everyone in person when we came home in October.
Well, it didn't work out that way. As many of you may know, my husband is not known for his secret-keeping-skills. The fact that he had kept this news under wraps for over 3 weeks was pretty impressive! So I wasn't too upset when he caved this weekend and alerted my in-laws to their 8th grandchild's existence over a lovely outdoor seafood dinner. We didn't want to leave my parents and the rest of our family out so we dashed over to Michael's for some iron-on letters that spelled out B-I-G B-R-O and made Jack a t-shirt to wear. The next night we sent a text message with the picture to my parents, then our siblings, and then to a few of our friends. Within a few hours the news had leaked onto good ole' Facebook and when we decided to make an "official" announcement. And that brings us to the present. Me sitting on the couch, exhausted before the day even starts, chugging water and munching on saltines. Other than some blood tests and paperwork, I haven't been to the doctor yet. I think I'm somewhere between 8-9 weeks. As of right now, my due date is April 14 but I think that will change once we have our first ultrasound in two weeks. I'm pretty sure these next 2 weeks can't go by fast enough. I hate first-trimester anxiety!! In the meantime, I'll be sure to keep you updated on all the details of second-time mommyhood!

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