Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sometimes I crack myself up

June 20, 1995

Dear Future Husband,
Today is my 12th birthday party, Melody, Megan D., Anna & Jill are up here with me in our upstairs cabin. That's why I'm writing on this Funky paper. I have no Idea who you are. NO OFFENSE but lately I've been thinking of [insert name of popular boy in 1995]. I don't know if you are him or not but Rebecca K. likes him to and lots of other. I practically have no hope. I really hope I can keep this vow to present to you I hope to never kiss anybody (not including brotehrs, Dads) except at the pulpit with you.

I love you,
Janine Sheree

P.S. (March 16 1996, Maybe I will when you ask me to marry you

1.) Last names have been removed to protect the innocent.
2.) Popular boy's name was not husband's.
3.) Who kisses at the "pulpit" anyway?
4.) Good thing I added that amendment.


njcpa said...

Popular boy in 95...I'm going with PW.

J9 said...

Negative. Hint, I think this was around tenting meeting time. :)

njcpa said...

Hmmm...I have eights chances with this choice..AC?

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