Monday, August 23, 2010

With apologies to August

Perhaps I was a bit too brash in my last post.  August isn't entirely bad, and I've considered redeeming it by trying to have a baby some August a few years from now.  It's not the Fall, but it's pretty close.  And it might be a nice way to kill time during those hot last weeks of summer ... I digress.

Anyway, after I blogged my August angst I later realized that the month does hold one special day near and dear to my heart ... our ENGAGEMEVERSARY!  If you remember from last year, we try to make it a point to celebrate the day, or at least the week, that we got engaged. 

August 17, 2005
Our special day came just at the right time this year.  We needed a date.  Marmie and Poppa came for the weekend for one last summer fling before Marmie starts teaching again.  And they were both more than happy to watch the boys for the evening.  Our original plan was to hit up Old Towne Alexandria, a place I've been longing to visit since long before we lived nearby.  But a sketchy weather forcast and utter exhaustion from the previous day's activities kept us closer to home.  Instead we opted for dinner and a movie a few minutes away.  We were kinda excited about going to the movie theater since it doesn't happen very often these days.  We decided to really do the whole experience and spent a small fortune on soda and popcorn.  We've been wanting to see "Salt" and weren't disappointed.  But I think we'll stick to movies at home from now on.  The snacks are free, I don't end up missing 5 minutes when I need a bathroom break after drinking a larger than life Coke, and Jon is able to pause the movie as needed and offer his commentary.  If you've ever watched a movie having to do with history/politics/military/intelligence/Islam/terrorism/national security, etc. with Jon, you know what I mean.  Sometimes the excessive pausing to offer explanations is annoying, but usually it helps keep me interested in "his type" of movie.  Then again, I once tried to watch "Pride and Prejudice" with him (the newer, shorter version).  He stopped the movie to ask questions so many times I've decided I'd rather watch "my type" of movies by myself.

Other than celebrating our engagemeversary, we had a wonderful time with Marmie and "Bobba" as Jack has started to say.  We prepped him for their arrival 20 minutes before their ETA ... and then spent an hour trying to keep him occupied after M & B got stuck in traffic.  Jack was really excited to see them!

Marmie and Poppa like taking Jack to the pool.  We tried to go without them once earlier this summer, but it ended up being kinda lame with just us, so it was nice to have an excuse to enjoy our pool again!

On Saturday we headed off toward a cute little beach town on the bay.  We walked the boardwalk, explored an antique shop, and ate ice cream that melted faster than we could eat it.  We also combed over a nearby marina seeking out names for our someday boat.

From there we drove to Annapolis.  I was super excited about this trip since I've heard so many things about this adorable town.  It totally satisfied all my quaint charm cravings.  We didn't get a chance to give Jack a tour of the Academy there, so we'll definitely have to make a trip back again! 

Needless to say, visiting the "Sailing Capital" has solidified my part in Jon's dream to own a sailboat.  Can't you just picture our little family all dressed in white shirts, khaki shorts and deck shoes?

It was a hot, long day, made even longer by the construction traffic on the way home.  Which is why we were a tad exhausted the next day and decide to settle for only one tour of charming streets over the weekend.  We don't want to waste all the adventures at one time, so Alexandria will be something else to look forward to.

So we said goodbye to Marmie and Poppa yet again.  We're not sure when we'll get back to PA to visit them since this Fall is already booking up with weddings, reunions and other visitors.  Jack was a little sad to say farewell, but little does he know what excitement awaits him when his four cousins arrive in a few days!


Jennifer S. Smith said...

I know this gets old, but seriously, my Dad watches movies the SAME way Jon does! I want to experience it firsthand. :-)

Also, your hair looks beautiful, J9!

Elaine said...

my sister in law was due yesterday...and I think she would have a few words to say to you about trying to give birth in August.

abigail said...

I second the khakis and deck shoes ensemble for the family! it would be really cute, even when they're all grown up! It would be like the perfect Ralph Lauren/Tommy Hilfiger family, ever. :)

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