Tuesday, August 31, 2010

This kid

This kid is all too eager to relinquish his title as "World's Best Baby" lately. This kid is exhausting his poor mama by waking up at 5am every morning. This kid then started waking up between 2-3am, and has since added an 11pm wake-up. This kid is up more in the night now than he was 3 months ago. This kid actually compelled his daddy to get up with him in the night for the first time in his short little life!

This kid has suddenly lost interest in nursing ... unless it's 3 in the morning. This kid would rather stare at the ceiling fan, watch his big brother, or play with Mommy's hair, than eat. This kid needs to know his Mom is not a TV dinner. And yet somehow, this kid has managed to gain a whole pound in two weeks.

This kid is still only taking 45 minute naps. This kid has a frantic mommy who's entire day is constructed into 45-minute blocks of time. This kid occasionally will play the 2-hour nap card, but only when Mommy is least expecting it. This kid and his new 4-month habits are kicking his Mama's rear this week.

And yet this kid is only getting more adorable. This kid was stopping lady-traffic in church on Sunday with his "big blue eyes" and "adorable shoes." This kid loves to hold a blankie, especially when it's covered with this kid's spit-up. This kid's latest activity is swinging outside clutching his sour-milk scented flannel, and he thinks it's the most relaxing thing in the world.

This kid can make his parents forget about 45 minute naps with just a toothless smile. This kids chunky thighs and round arms make fighting for his attention during nursing sessions his mom's new favorite pastime. This kid's adoring looks makes his big brother feel like a movie star. This kid's infectious laughter is worth every 3am wake-up for the rest of his life. And this kid has my heart completely.

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breanne said...

the picture of jude in the swing is priceless :)

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