Friday, January 20, 2012

Jack- and Jude- isms

We've got two talkers in the house now, so twice the chatter.  And twice the entertainment.

Someone was just told he had to share.

"Mommy, you're a princess.  You go on a date.  I'm the baby."  He says this whenever he's looking at one of our wedding pictures.  I get the princess part.  But I don't know how he knows what a date is (Jon and I haven't been on in almost a year!)  and the baby thing makes me wonder just how much he knows about love and dates.  What are they teaching my kid in school?!

"Four more minutes."  Apparently he's teaching himself time lately.  He's a bit stuck on the four minute thing though.  It's his response to everything.  "Jack, do you need to go potty?" "Yeah, four more minutes!" "Jack, time for dinner." "Okay, four more minutes!"  He seems to have only one other concept of time, and that is -

"No, not today. Tomorrow." As in, "Jack, let's get ready for school." "No, not today, tomorrow." "Jack, are excited for church?" "No, not today, tomorrow." "Jack, it's time for a nap." "No, not today, tomorrow."  Sorry buddy, it just doesn't work like that.

"I've got monsters in my ears." He's really in to cleaning out his ears lately.  Good thing they usually need it.  This is his way of requesting an ear cleaning since he's not allowed to do it by himself.

"Julia has claws." And this is his way of requesting that Julia get her fingernails cut. 

"Mommy, I have lion hair.  I get a haircut.  Now I have tiger hair." Yes, yes you do.  Exhibit A.


"The pee pees, they're coming!  The pee pees are coming." I just love the way he personifies his urine.

"They have friends.  The pee pees want to play with their friends." If only we could all aspire to be as friendly and caring as our pee-pee.

"I have a green dream." Every once in a while Jack will wake up in the night crying.  If you ask him if he had a bad dream he usually responds with, "Yeah, I have a grean dream."  He often brings it up the next day too.  I have no idea where this comes from.

"Thank you Mommy ... that's good manners!" I don't even get a chance to commend him on his good manners anymore, he takes care of that himself now.

"I sorry Mama, I so sorry." This is a tough one.  He was wrong, he knows he was wrong, and he knows he's about to get in trouble.  So he quickly prefaces with this line and then I'm not sure how to respond.  "Yes, I know you're sorry.  But sorry means you won't do it again.  And you said you were sorry the last time you your unraveled all the dental floss, or dumped out all the soap, or dipped your cup in the toilet and offered it to your brother..."


Hi language has exploded these past few months.  He says a lot of things right now, so they're not even funny. :(  But his little voice, oh how I wish I could bottle it up and save it for all eternity!!
"I no-know." = I don't know (usually includes palms lifted and a shrug.)

"Hotttt!" = he points to anything and everything that is hot and lets us know, several times a day

'Nack = snack, we hear this often.  For being so skinny, the dude's a bottomless pit!

"Teat" = treat

"wah-dee" = water, always before bedtime.  Because every kid knows the best way to stall going to bed is to feign insatiable thirst

"doos" = juice

"huh-kay" = okay, i.e. sure mom, whatever you say

"Daddy, where go?" "Daddy, werr." = Where did Daddy go?  Daddy went to work!

"Dack" = Jack

"Due" = Jude (he's finally just started saying his name, but not very often)

"Yaya" = Julia

"chuck" = truck

"choo-choo" = train


We can't leave the newbie out.  I've been trying for weeks to get her little squeals and peals on video.  But she always goes radio silent when she sees me and the camera.  I finally figured out I could catch her if she didn't see me.  Thus the shot of my daughter's feet and bottom ... and my messy, unmade bed.

Seriously, what am I going to do when my kids grow up and know how to pronounce words correctly?  And can hold intelligent conversations?  And get all smarter than me?  I'll have to find something new to laugh at.

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JSS said...

This is a great way to document these super fun phrases!

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