Saturday, March 3, 2012

Do You Know What's In the Bible?

Jack does!

A few weeks ago I picked up this DVD during a special for $5.  It's by Phil Vischer, the same guy who did Veggie Tales, so I knew it was going to be good.  Jack and Jude ask to watch it every day.  It is the only show that Jude will actually sit and watch (although he only lasts for about half of it.)  Honestly, I haven't seen the whole thing myself, which is probably a poor reflection on me as a mother.  But I have certainly heard it all in the background.  And thanks to Jack, I almost know the theme song by heart.

Here's our little performer belting out his new favorite song:

He is so his Daddy's boy! :)


bellavie photography said...

A day brightener, just what I needed this morning :)

Anonymous said...

Oh man, hilarious! I noticed the 'is your hair pliable'! Made my giggle!

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