Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Grab Bag

Jon and I have a little trip planned for next week.  Three words: I. Can’t.Wait.  So it’s been hard to focus on other things.  Actually, that’s not entirely true.  I decided I would need a good book for this brief getaway and was anxious to devour a fiction novel during the few days I’d be free from other "constraints".  I’ve mentioned before, Francine Rivers is probably my very favorite, modern day novelist.  Her “Mark of the Lion” series ranks right up there with my Jane Austen’s, Brontes, and L.M. Montgomery’s, some of the few books I’ll read over and over again.  Although I just haven’t had much time for reading lately.  Anyway, I’ve been wanting to read Rivers’ “Redeeming Love” for some time now.  I read it once before, but it was so long ago I hardly remember much. 

So I looked it up on our library’s webpage.  Apparently many, many others have been wanting to read it as well, because there was a waiting list 10 people long for the electronic version.  So I decided I’d download the sample on my Kindle just to make sure I wanted to read it again.  And then I sat down to nurse the baby and ended up dragging out our time together as long as possible just to finish the sample.  And then I decided, well I already know I like the book, might as well buy it.  (I mean, Kindle just makes it way too easy!)  So I did.  And then I figured, sinceI  already started the first chapter, might as well finish at least that much.  And then, well maybe just the next chapter too since I want to wrap up this historical background…

You know how it goes.  It was one of those, “I know I’m making a bad decision right now but I just can’t help it” moments.  Well, it’s been two days and I’ve just finished it.  I’ll confess it publicly, books are my weakness.  And that’s why I’ve been ignoring them lately, (well except for this non-fiction, child-raising book that I’ve been plodding through for months now, but those kind don’t count.)  So what I’m really trying to say here, is that I started a book I couldn't put down.  And meanwhile, the rest of my life has suffered neglect. 

I just grabbed my camera to see what new pictures I had on it to blog about, and apparently I never even bothered to take the SD card out of my computer when I did this several days ago.  I haven’t put much effort into meals – PBJ for lunch, fried eggs for dinner.  I’ve been working on next week’s grocery list and meal plan for 3 days now.  I did manage to fold laundry, with my Kindle propped up on an extra large stack of folded clothes so I could read at the same time.  And I’ve been staying up until I can’t keep my eyes open any longer (11pm *gasp*) just to read “one more chapter.”  Which means my mornings, which have been starting with 5am Little Miss squeals, are a bit sluggish. 

And so all I have to offer you on this lovely Friday is a few random pictures from last week, before I bought a book I couldn’t put down.


This girl.  If only I could capture her real smile.  The one that is almost as big as her face.  She gives it to me every morning when I come to get her out of bed, and continues to doll it out anytime I look her way.  She's one happy baby.  I wish everyone could see it, but that's currently not the case.  Apparently, Julia now knows how to play shy.  We had a lady at our house today to sign our kitchen remodel contract.  Everytime she'd coo at Lia, my daughter would coyly cast her eyes down and turn her head into my shoulder.  Oh she's good.  How do not-yet-6-month-olds understand shyness?!

Other new developments: I think we've got a tooth coming in.  It will probably be a while yet, but I can see a teeny, tiny white bump under her gum.  And well, I felt it before I saw it if you know what I mean.  Girlfriend is a biter! 


Julia also rolled over this week.  It was a big event, with her adoring fans clapping, jumping and rewarding her with kisses.  Of course, she doesn't enjoy being stuck on her belly (especially since she hasn't figured out how to move her arm out of the way).  So you know she's rolled when you start hearing her shrieks from the other room.  Julia doesn't really cry much.  She shrieks, whines and gurgles.  She's a big time gurgler.  Jack was practicing making animal noises the other day.  I'd say, "What does a cow say?" He'd say, "Moooo."  What does a dog say?" "Woof-woof."  Then I threw out, "What does Julia say?"  "[Insert gurgling noise that I can't figure out how to replicate in sound or words]"

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Speaking of the Big Brother.  There were a few days where we were without Monkey this week.  I knew he was around somewhere, I had just seen him that morning, but no matter how hard we looked Jon and I could not find him.  Jack was distraught as well.  Thankfully, he still went to bed without his "best favorite" but not without some reassurance that we'd look for him again in the morning ... and the next morning. It wasn't until the evening of day two, after which Jack had guaranteed his little brother would need a bath, and while assisting us with loading the tub up with toys.  Jack opened his toy boat and wouldn't-ya-know-it, there was Monkey, snug in the cabin. Needless to say, my son was elated. However, we did explain to Monkey that, in the future, he'll need to request time off before going on a cruise.

And here's a sample of Jude's week.


Poor thing. He has a cold, they all do (AGAIN!), but of course Jude seems to be affected the most. I'm also starting to wonder if he's working on his two year molars. In addition to being a total mess during the day, he's had a hard go of naps this week. And let's not talk about nighttime. Things haven't improved much there. Just when I think we're back on track he's up again a few nights in a row. I thought maybe it was night terrors, but sometimes he doesn't even fall asleep before he starts up ... and doesn't stop. Nothing calms him except being near Mommy or Daddy. And even when we wait until he's out cold, stretched out on our mattress, with his ankles crossed and hands behind his head, and we gently pick him up to tranport him back to his own bed. He knows. He senses he's crossed the threshold into his own room without even being awake. And the chaos starts again. I'm at my wit's end. I don't know what the problem is. The only solution that works is killing Jon's and my sleep. So I just keep praying over him and hoping this phase will end soon.


The rough nights carry over into the day though. Which is why we end up with an emotional mess in the afternoons. Poor Jude, his time as "the baby" was probably cut too short. But he doesn't seem to take it out on Julia. He's (generally) such a sweetie to her. I caught him reading her a book the other day. (Upside down at that.) In case you're wondering, this is how Jude's version of the story goes: "Choo-choo, be-be... See choo-choo... Choo-choo, be-be." 


And that was our week with a distracted Mommy.  My book is finished.  Now I'll have to find something else to read during our little retreat.  But in the meantime, Mama has some work to catch up on!


Jennifer said...

Geez, you sound like me. When I'm in a good book, the outside world ceases to exist. When I was in school my parents made a rule that I couldn't stay up past midnight to read and if I was riding with someone in the car I couldn't bury myself in a book unless the other person gave permission. Obviously I have self restraint issues when it comes to reading.

JSS said...

Read The Help next! I can barely put it down, and obsess about the story when I do. Can't wait to finish it and then watch the movie!(ps. enjoy your trip!!!!)

abigail said...

One of my favorite books, too!! Francine is just an amazing author. It was such a great story and brought Hosea to life for me. The Mark of the Lion books just are surreal. I still think about the characters in those.
ps, Jenn The Help is great too!!

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