Thursday, May 17, 2012

Four birthdays and a wedding

Jon got home from the hospital last Friday afternoon and immediately started working with the contractor to settle some kitchen issues.  So much for avoiding stress.  We decided to send the boys back to Pennsylvania with my parents and then Jon and I would go up to New Jersey for his cousin's wedding.  It was probably trying to do too much, especially after our week, but we decided to go for it anyway.  We hadn't seen this side of Jon's family since the last wedding (in July) and none of them had met Julia yet.  Since we had already booked the hotel room we decided to just take it slow and hopefully make it there in time for the dinner.

I had been really looking forward to this wedding.  A night away with my husband (and Julia of course).  A chance to wear a dress I hadn't fit in to for the past 2 summers.  And a fun evening with our extended family.  I had specifically requested that we give ourselves plenty of prep time so that we could get settled in our room and I could actually do something with my hair and make-up for once (we seem to have a record of rolling into weddings last minute over the past few years).  Ha!  Funny how these things work out. 

Julia had a dirty diaper at the end of our trip and was NOT happy about it.  So I ended up crawling into the backseat to keep her calm until we arrived at the hotel.  To speed things along I changed her into her dress as we pulled into the parking lot.  Then we grabbed baby and bags and headed into the entrance ...

... where we promptly ran into the bride and other guests taking photos.  Not only did we get busted for showing up to a wedding 2 hours late, but I was wearing jeans, a shirt tagged with spit-up and whatever make-up remained from early that morning.  Oh hello family we haven't seen in 10 months!

We rushed through a few quick greetings and headed up to the room.  Soon after, we got a phone call that our family was up for photos.  I think Jon and I got dressed and were back downstairs in 15 minutes.  Ergo, I wore a ponytail to a wedding.  *cringe*  But at least we made it.


I don't remember too much of the evening.  After several nights of little sleep I was leering into zombie-state.  I do remember the bride was gorgeous.

Jon's brother-in-law, sister, the lovely bride (amazing dress!), me and Jon (fresh from the hospital).
And the food was delicious.  I confess, I cleaned my plate for every course.  I did refrain from taking food from the cousins' plates.  Sorry, but this nursing mama has been without a kitchen for 2 weeks ... I'm always ready to eat!

My SIL Rachel and I.
But my favorite part of the evening was seeing Julia with her aunts, uncles and cousins.  She got to meet her quasi-namesake - Aunt Juliann, who did a wonderful job with putting the Little Miss to sleep. 

Cousin Maddy, Aunt Juliann and Cousin Lizzy.
Cousin Holly and Cousin Aviel.
And she also got to meet her Nana and Papa for the first time.

Post wedding brunch - such a fabulous idea!
She wasn't exactly her smiling, giggling self but, for being up several hours past her bedtime, she did quite well.  We decided to call it quits at midnight and of course Girlfriend was up (what felt like) not too long after that.

Cuddling with Nonnie.
From New Jersey we journeyed back to my parents' in Pennsylvania.  The first two weeks of May are my brother's, mom's, dady's and Jon's nephew's birthdays as well as Mother's Day.  So we had some celebrating to do.

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We also had a few stray gifts for Jude's birthday, like this cool puzzle from Uncle Jared.
  And a little relaxing too, because after last week we were definitely in need of that.

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We came back home first thing Sunday morning.  Jon's boss had called over the weekend and asked him to come into the office that afternoon (Yes, he really did.  We later found out Jon's doctor didn't clear him for work until several days later).  So I don't have anything poignant to post about Mother's Day this year.  Jack did bring a few goodies home from school for me.  This was my favorite:

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I just love things in his own words.  Funny though, not sure what I cooked him in the "new kitchen."  I can't even make smoothies in there without a countertop! 

I did decide to treat myself to something special on Mother's Day - a 9pm bedtime. After all the sickness, hosptial visits, traveling and celebrations, sleep was one thing this mama desperately needed!  And still do, goodnight!

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