Thursday, February 21, 2013

Jude's World

Yesterday was laundry day.  And as you've probably guessed, today Jude wore his "Thomas shirt." He also made sure to put on Thomas underwear.  He drank out of a Thomas sippy bottle and we hit the Thomas jackpot at the consignment store today. Let's just say Jude is in Thomas heaven.

And I'm in quite the opposite position.  I got to play Thomas referee all day between two boys who wanted to play with the same toys.  By about 6pm I developed the timer system where we rotated the most popular trains every ten minutes.  Way to take all the fun out of it kids!!

Our middle child. He's quite the handful lately.  He's exercising his authority ... or testing his lack of that authority.   His current location of choice is behind the living room chair.  It's where he goes every time I ask him to do something - get his clothes changed, go potty, put on his coat, go to bed ...  When he's not behind the chair he's talking.  Usually repeating everything I say but in a louder voice and with a question mark at the end.

"Jude, come change your clothes."

"Jude, time for bed."

"Tomorrow we have MOPS."

You get the idea.

Recently Jack and Jude have resorted to name-calling.  Except this is the toddler version.

"Jude, you macaroni and cheese!"
"No Jack, you macaroni and cheese!"
"No, you socks and shoes!"
"I not socks and shoes, you laundry basket!!"
"No Jude, you dirty underwear!"

And back and forth it goes.  All. Day. Long.

Until I say, "Stop, no more name calling."
and then I inevitably hear: "No, YOU NAME CALLING!!"

Those two are so different.  Particularly when it comes to activities.  Jack is my book guy.  He would let me read to him all day if he could. Jude - not so much.  He can barely sit through a story.  He has two books he likes to read - "Goodnight Moon" and "My World." Have you read them?  They're weird.  I like them for their classic, vintage appeal but I have to admit, they make me a tad uncomfortable.  I just don't get the story.  And then I feel all outside-looking-in because I'm not down with THE MOST FAMOUS children's book.

But Jude gets them.  A little too much.  It's to the point where he kinda takes over the story.  So it seems, when he asks me to read to him he's not really asking me to read at all.  I've finally got around to recording it just for memory's sake.  Sorry, the video is a bit long.  And most might not find it very interesting, but I'm trying to be better at video recording these cuties before they get all grown up!

Okay, well that's enough reliving of the past few days.  It's 8pm, my littles are asleep and I need to take advantage of these hours to utilize the non-Mommy part of my brain!

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