Monday, February 18, 2013

Clementine's Day

So I had plans to write a post about Valentine's Day.  Or "Clementines Day" as Jude says.  But I was just looking through my pictures and apparently I didn't take a single one related to the holiday.  Oops.  I'm telling ya, this flu thing has really taken the wind out of my sails.  I didn't even get around to hanging our crayon wax hearts or heart shaped wreath this year. :(

Jack did have a party at preschool.  This is only our second year doing valentines but I've decided to make it a point to avoid candy.  Not that I'm some sugar Nazi but he gets plenty of that kind of thing from all the parties and from the rest of the kids in his class.  I will be that mom that does something different.  Last year it was banana chips.  This year we made homemade playdough.

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Jack helped with the dough making, rolling and cutting.  Then he left me to open each little bag, that were all annoyingly stuck closed, and slip in the greasy hearts.  We actually did two tones.  You can't tell in the picture but there's a light colored one underneath the darker heart.  It wasn't intentional, I just wasn't sure how much to make and Jack was a bit more dye-happy with the second batch.

So while I'm trying to open tiny bags with playdough greasy fingers, Jack was off finding new ways to use the leftover dough.
This explains why we've gone through so much tape lately ...
Anyway, his party went well.  I was able to stretch out all the treats he brought home and use them to bribe both boys throughout the week.  And so far Jack hasn't been bothered that Lia ripped his box to shreds or that Daddy tossed out all his precious little valentines already.

As for the rest of the family, poor Jude just wanted a "Clementines party" of his own.  Instead, I had a midwife appointment so Jon watched the kids during "the witching hour" while I enjoyed a nice quiet visit with the midwife. I left a casserole behind (that no one liked but Jon, who covered his portion in hot sauce) but he did think to light some candles to eat by.

Thankfully, Jude's "Clementine" was redeemed by the arrival of a package from Marmie and Poppa which, among other things, contained a Thomas the Train shirt from the thrift store.  The little guy could hardly contain his excitement.  I told him we'd save it for tomorrow but he had managed to talk Daddy into putting it on him while I was out of the house.  He also wore it the next day.  And then pulled it out of the laundry basket to put in a safe place himself, so he could wear it again a few days later.  He was very upset today when he failed to lift it up during potty time.  He came to me with a wet Thomas shirt and a request to "Pease dry dis Mommy."  And then I had to be the mean mom and inform him that it must first be washed. I'm sure he'll be looking for it tomorrow as well.

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The Thomas shirt, you'll be seeing this a lot in future photos.
Well anyway, back to the midwife.  Baby is well, we heard a good, strong heartbeat again.  We also just heard one heartbeat so although I'm still measuring slightly large, I think it's safe to say there's just one in there.  The only new development is that I'm sooo stinkin' exhausted this week.  As in, back to falling asleep on the couch before 9pm.  The midwife tested my Vitamin D levels but we both just think I'm still recovering from the flu.  I hope it passes quickly, I have a pile of projects I'd really like to get to and after-the-kids-go-to-bed is my only chance!

Thankfully Friday dawned bright and sunny.  It was enough to make me override the "just wanna lay on the couch" feeling and get out and do something with the kids.  Good thing we had a MOPS playdate on the calendar and a trip to the fire station to look forward to!

Photo Credit: Fellow MOPS Mom Jennifer
Well some of us looked forward to it.  Jack was there, you won't see him in any of the pictures because he was being a total grumpapotamus.  He perked up later when he found out we were all headed to Chick-Fil-A afterwards.  And then it stayed nice enough that we had some great playtime outside and were able to visit the park after naps.  Since I was so busy giving the kids fresh air I couldn't make dinner, so we topped off our Friday night with dinner out at our favorite local pizza joint - what Jude refers to as "Marmie Poppa Pizza Place!" every time we drive by, because ONE TIME we ate there with Marmie and Poppa.

Photo Credit: Fellow MOPS Mom Jennifer

Photo Credit: Fellow MOPS Mom Jennifer
It was a good start to a long weekend.  A long weekend with a few surprises.  But I'll save that for another day.  Let's just say I have some serious dust to clean up right now ...

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