Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Content right down to my toes

I'm long overdue for a pregnancy update.  I'm afraid if I put it off any longer this will end up being a birth announcement.  So, quickly, while I'm sitting here with my "prankles" propped up under a pack of ice ...

We are 38 weeks, 3 days now.  Well into full-termness, but not quite ready for baby yet.  I always anticipate going beyond my due date, mainly so that I'm not overly anxious in the weeks leading up to the birth.  But with each additional kid I'm a little less enthusiastic about extending my pregnancy any longer than necessary.  I'm not sure what to expect from this baby.  So far I've had one a week early, one a week late, and one the day before she was due.  So really, anything is possible.

This has nothing to do with the baby, just the world she's about to be brought in to.

Last weekend I was having some serious false labor.  It was enough to keep me up at night.  And when the contractions weren't disturbing my sleep, the I'm-so-not-ready-for-this list running through my head was.  I got up the next morning determined to get our lives in order.  Of course, things happen.  I'm trying to pile up on work now so I don't feel so bad about not working in a few weeks.  And as a result, I'm having a hard time keeping up with our regular routine, nevermind throwing baby prep in to the mix.  But like I said in my last post, I at least have a categorized, prioritized task list sitting on my desk.  And just being able to check one or two things off a day has done wonders for my mental state.

Knowing I have a plan allows me to focus on my other offspring, who I'm also trying to load up with attention during these final few days.  We've been living it up while we still can - a trip to the "farm park" topped with slurpees, a leisurely stroll through all our favorite Target aisles with cookies and lemonade in hand, lots of neighborhood walks and scavenger hunts, and plenty of practice in the kitchen.  Because for some reason I always feel a sudden cooking and baking boost at the end of my pregnancies.

And this burst of energy thing is nice, really nice.  Because a couple of weeks ago I was so totally over being pregnant.  This has been my most uncomfortable pregnancy yet.  I'm not sure if it's the baby, me getting older, or just having to keep up with 3 other kids in the middle of summer.  Whatever it is, contentedness has been somewhat elusive this time around.  I usually don't mind being pregnant.  I actually kind of like maternity clothes and I think baby bumps are cute.  But the novelty is starting to wear off.  After spending the last 5 1/2 years of my life either pregnant or nursing and within 9 months of being pregnant, I'd really appreciate a good, long stretch with my "regular" body.  And now that I'm 30, I realize how precious those "prime of your life" years are.  So while I'm eager, not just for my sake but also for my poor husband's, to get things back to normal, I also realize I've got a long road ahead of me still.  Honestly, it's enough to make me a little grumpy.

Her idea of helping with the laundry?  Tossing everything on to the floor.
And you know what else is giving me the grumps?  These darn ankles.  Or feet.  Whatever it is.  Because we went from just the left foot to now two large, swollen hobbit feet.  They're so bad by the end of the day that I am practically crawling upstairs to bed.  As far as I know, it's not detrimental.  And despite my husband's jokes, swollen feet are not permanent either, but it certainly does a number on your vanity.  And if it wasn't in the sweltering 90s all this week, I'd be hiding under some pants or long skirts.  As it is, mama needs her shorts and can only wear flip flops, so the whole world can see my abnormally large limbs, one of the few parts of me that, up until recently, was still skinny.  *sigh*  So while Baby Girl has finally situated herself in such a way that she's no longer twisting up my posture, I'm still working on enjoying these final days of pregnancy all the way down to my toes, swollen as they may be right now.

Speaking of HER, she's super.  I gained 9 pounds, almost a third of my total weight gain, in just the three weeks before we left for vacation.  It wouldn't have been a big issue since I'm still within normal range, if it hadn't been for the fact that it appeared my uterus hadn't grown at all.  At 37 weeks, I was only measuring 33 centimeters (the equivalent of 33 weeks).  Now, while I tended to measure small with my last two pregnancies, we thought it was a little strange to be so far behind after such a giant leap on the scales (should've measured my feet while they were at it!).  So it was off for another ultrasound last week to check on the little Sweetie and make sure all was well in utero.

38 weeks, baby has most definitely NOT "dropped."
It was.  She's measuring within normal range (estimated at 6.5 pounds but those aren't very accurate at this point).  There's still plenty of fluid for her to swim around in and her movements and reflexes scored her a 100%.  It wasn't a very exciting ultrasound.  Her head is down and she is smooched and so there wasn't much to see.  But it's reassuring to know that all is normal and right on track.

So we're prepared for any-day-now.  Well, Jon would prefer to get in one last round of golf this weekend.  And I would prefer to knock a few more things off the to-do list.  And we'd both prefer to have childcare readily available so there won't be any dilly-dallying before delivery this time around.  Which is why we're shooting for some time next week, when Miss Kylee will be visiting, and can take over our other three charges at a moment's notice.  I heard there's a full moon on July 22.  That sounds like a great day to give birth.  And by day, I mean DAY.  Because really, just once, I'd like to deliver a child during normal wake-time hours.  While we're at it, wouldn't it be just dandy to get a full night's rest, wake up, start contracting, have a baby that afternoon and be home in time for dinner?  I think so too.  But I'm being careful about what I ask for.  Because last time I prayed for "perfect timing" and we all know how that turned out.

So yeah, despite the unfinished task list, despite this week's mega heat-wave, despite my strong-willed 4 year old, sleep-fighting 3 year old, and uber-clingy 22 month old, I remain happily pregnant.  Right down to my knees..., er toes.  I'm trying, I'm really trying.

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Jennifer Smith said...

Another great post, J9. You're such a model pregnant mother. I can only hope to someday deal with all of these parenting scenarios with half the grace you have! So excited to see #4! xoxo

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