Sunday, July 14, 2013

Beach Family Photos 2013

It's sorta become a tradition that we attempt a family photo while at the beach (as evidenced here and here).  I was way more in to it last year because I was feeling all skinny and tan.  This year I'm just trying to think of ways to hide my ankles.  I did manage to pull together some sort of color-coordinated ensemble and so, on our last night in South Bethany, we all headed out to nab a lifeguard chair, smile, and hope that everyone would look at the camera for at least one shot.

Can you guess?  Jon did the boys' hair.

Julia was totally in to the smooching, it's her kind of thing!
 After the novelty of picture-taking wore off Jack found something much more interesting to do ... jump off the lifeguard chair.

I have dozens and dozens of pictures like this.  We all grew tired of putting him back up there and being told to "watch me, watch me!!" yet again.

Jon saw how much fun Jack was having and decided he needed to experience the thrill on his own.

Jude wasn't really feeling the chair-jump.  I'm not sure what he's doing here, air boxing maybe?

Yes, those are 2T shorts ... rolled ... and still constantly falling down.
 I asked for a shot of our two BFFs...

See, sometimes they really do like each other!

Annnnnnddddd more jumping...

Eventually, he didn't even need anyone to catch him.

Girlfriend's got her own version of thrill-seeking.

And a picture of Poppa and Marmie with their grandkids.

She's oh, so very attached to Mama these days.  She uses the bump as both a seat and a roof.

South Bethany Beach, it's been real.  My full-term pregnant self has thoroughly enjoyed your sunny skies, quiet shores, and restful evenings.

Now let's have this baby so I can get back in to my regular swimsuit for next year!

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Chong said...

This is gorgeous!

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