Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Life with Joci

It's so easy to forget what life is like with a newborn.  You forget how tiny they are, how many diapers you go through in a day, what it feels like to be so.incredibly.tired.  But you also forget about those baby sighs, that adorable horse whinny sound they make, the way they curl onto your chest and are more than happy to rest there for hours and hours.  Seriously.  I just love babies.

And this one is no exception.

She's your typical newborn - hates having a dirty diaper, squirms when she has to burp, cries when she's tired, and likes to nurse the better part of a day.  Sometimes she's up every hour and a half at night.  Other times she'll toss me a four or five hour stretch.  Often, she eats, falls asleep, waits until I'm just about there myself, and then begs to be picked back up and held just a little bit longer.  Oh, and she always, always waits until I've changed her diaper before pooping.

Speaking of poop, she initiated Uncle Jared (and his work clothes) the first time he held her.

And I'm totally okay with that.  If anyone out there reading this blog is on the fence about having a fourth baby ... just do it.  They're amazing.  I mean, I thought my third as an absolute joy.  But this one, she's pure awesomeness.

And no offense to either of my girls, but it probably has a lot less to do with them and a lot more to do with me as a mama.  It's only taken me four rounds, but I feel like I'm finally grasping the pure joy of newborn mamahood.
Baby yawns.

It's Annapolis, we like crabs around here.

Yes, I'm tired.  My head aches from not getting enough rest.  My vision has been blurry for three weeks now.  My brain is sluggish.  I spend the better portion of the day in my pajamas and my hair is in dire need of washing.

It's impossible to take a good photo of these two squirmy girls!
But I wouldn't trade it for anything.  Because I realize now, more than ever, that it's all so very fleeting.

The fist pump.

One of the kids thought she needed some company for her nap...
And not just because every other veteran mama we see at Target likes to stop and tell me so.

Love her "O" lips!

Our life is chaos right now.  The boys watch too much TV.  Lia spends too much time picking up new habits from her brothers.  If it wasn't for our wonderful MOPS friends bringing us meals we might be eating cereal for dinner every night.  We're surviving by only taking care of dire needs - washing dishes - yes, scrubbing toilets - no.  Folding laundry - yes (after it's been sitting there for a week or so), picking up toys - no.   Buying groceries - yes, changing the sheets that Joci peed on - no.  (Okay, I'll admit, that one's pretty bad.  But it was the middle of the night and I completely forgot by the next morning.)

First tubby, didn't mind a bit!
I wish I had more time and energy to write.  I wish I could describe life with this little girl more completely.  I wish I hadn't already let three weeks go by without mentioning the way her little lips curl down when she's utterly relaxed.  The way she stretches and clenches her tiny fists.  Her big, bright eyes during those few moments each day when she's alert and taking in her world.  Her soft, soft hair and the way that resting the back of her head in my hand reminds me of the very first time I held her.

But I suppose that's what motherhood is all about.  The things you forget and the memories you hold on to.  The chores that don't get done and the hours spent just ... holding, kissing, swaying ...  The nights and days that seem so, so long.  And yet the years that go by so, so fast.  And somehow, it just keeps getting better.

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Anonymous said...

truth spoken my dear!!! it has been over a year since our last one made her debut and now she squirms to be put down, I look forward to the times she still wants to snuggle!!! joci and all your kiddos are beautiful and handsome!

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