Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Welcome to the freak show!

Do you know what time of day Eve took a bite of the apple?  I’m quite certain it was between 4:00 and 6:00pm because surely that is the hour when women everywhere (or at least mothers) are feeling the most cursed.

Consider myself no exception.

We’ve had lots of friends bringing us meals since Joci’s arrival.  It’s been AMAZING.  Naturally, they arrive at my house right around dinner time.  In other words, right around the time my kids are going CA-RAZEEEE!!
Boy bridges ... right amongst my neatly folded laundry.
Have you ever been around a puppy?  You know how they act when they first see you?  Jumping up and down, climbing on furniture, falling on the floor, peeing their pants … yup , that’s my kids.  I would say it’s downright embarrassing but most of my fellow mommy friends (at least the ones with multiple small children) just smile and say “Oh, that makes me feel so much better!”  Because really, there's nothing quite so comforting as knowing someone else has it just as "bad" as you do. :)

Apparently, we've crossed over into "large" family territory with this new babe.  We've started venturing out as a family of six.  The week after Joci was born, Jon opted to come with me to the grocery store rather than stay home with the kids.  I thought things went rather well.  Jon would disagree.  But he's also never taken the kids grocery shopping by himself.  We've also returned to Chipotle, our first time back in months!  I thought that went fairly smoothly too... once you get used to all the stares.  I mean, seriously, they're just kids.  And there's *only* four of them.  Oh, and yes, they're all mine.

One thing I'm not enjoying this month is Jon's work travel.  He's back at it, visiting the west coast on two different trips these past two weeks.  Which means if we run out of milk ... mama's taking everyone with her.  I've taken all four kids to Target twice now.  And both times I swore to myself I would not try it again.  First of all, there just aren't carts big enough to corral my offspring.  They should make them with harnesses or something, you know, like horse and buggy type deal.  I digress.  Secondly, I usually end up holding Joci most of the time.  I'll think about bringing my Moby, decide it's too difficult to wear her and keep my other three in line, and then I wind up carrying her in my arms anyway.  *sigh*  And finally, my brood requires too many bathroom breaks to accomplish any worthwhile shopping in the small space of time that the baby doesn't need to eat.  

We take corn husking very seriously around here.
Now the mall is a different story.  We went last week because Mama had a coupon for free underwear that couldn't go to waste.  Jack and Jude spent an hour in the free childcare center, the girls and I had time to visit three stores, and then we all met back up in the "Family Center" where we enjoyed a packed lunch, movie and a peaceful, quiet place to feed the little one.  Not bad Annapolis mall, not bad.

She doesn't husk the corn, she just steals the cobs and eats them raw.

And finally, we made a visit to Chick-Fil-A after stopping at the consignment store.  While we were eating two home daycare ladies came in with their kids and I could tell they were studying my table, trying to determine if I was "one of them."  Nope, all mine.  And I hang out with them all day FREE OF CHARGE!

"Mom, look at me!  LOOK AT ME, MOM!"
Yes, we are a crazy bunch.  I try to embrace the freak show.  Enjoy the novelty.  Or at least look like it when I'm out in public.  Sometimes, at home, it's another story.  So many people ask how we're doing.  And I'm still trying to find the best answer that's upbeat and still genuine.  Quite frankly, my dear, this has been one of the most difficult months of my life.  I mean, have you ever tried to put three toddlers to bed while simultaneously nursing a fussy newborn?  Or, how did I lose all this baby weight?  Well, I'll let you in on a little secret, it's called the "one and one diet."  I only eat what can be consumed with ONE hand, in ONE minute's time.  And any calories I do manage to to swallow are quickly gobbled up by my ever-growing 4-week old.  How am I sleeping?  Oh, I'm not really.  I just turn off my brain between 10pm and 6am and flip on the auto-pilot.  How do I function?  That's easy.  All I need today is a little bit of coffee and a whole lot of Jesus!

This was before she ended up covered in corn silk...
This period of my life has been quite the experience.  I'm always hungry, usually exhausted, sometimes grumpy, occasionally short-tempered, and surprisingly lonely.  But I can honestly say I'm not unhappy.  Not one bit.  And so, when it's all been said and done, I guess my best response is "It's all good."  


And now for a shameless plug.  MOPS is starting back up this fall!  Joining MOPS was one of the best things I did last year.  There's nothing quite so exciting and encouraging as a group of moms who are enjoying breakfast and free childcare all at the same time! ;)  If you’ve never been to MOPS I highly recommend you check one out.  You can find a group near you by looking here: http://www.mops.org/groupsearch/ 

The theme this year is “A Beautiful Mess.”  I confess, I’m extremely giddy about this!  It’s going to be great for those kinds of moms that skip showers and don’t get their teeth brushed until 1:00pm, keep an entire set of Legos hidden in the couch cushions, or still have last night’s dishes in the sink. *cough, cough*  I’m sure you all know a mom like that, so you should probably invite her too.   I promise it will be good.  It's all good!


Jen Walker said...

Reading your blog today was like a picture of my life almost four years ago. Your doing great girl!!!

jewels said...

Love it! Especially the picture of Jude with the corn.

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