Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Bubble's Day

I'm hiding. I'm holed away in the office. Fair enough from the main part of the house I can pretend I can't hear the kids yelling for me and close enough to jump into action if I hear that variation in their yell that tells me this is something serious and not just another "she touched my knee with her toooooeeee!!!" incident.

I saw something on Pinterest the other day that said its impossible to say the word "bubbles" in an angry voice. So I'm thinking of having my kids call me "Bubbles" instead of mom.

Okay, just picturing that made me snicker. That's good. I needed a laugh. Because it's been the kind of day where the oldest just wants to play with Legos, ALONE, except when he wants me to "ooo" and "agh" over his latest creation. And the first-middle wants to play with the kid that wants to be alone. And the second-middle wants to go potty every 5 minutes but especially instead of finishing her lunch, or right when I'm trying to finish mine, or approximately 3 minutes after I suited her up to play in the pool and then told her it was much too soon to be done. And the baby just wants to nurse, or be held, or try and eat Legos if I'm not willing to do the first two. 

One of those days. So real quick. Before they come for me. Let's talk about Bubbles' Day ... er, I mean Mother's Day. 

Jon's parents visited for the weekend. We owed Poppie a visit to Arlington, the Air and Space museum, and a Brazilian steak house dinner for Christmas. And Nonnie tagged along to visit with the grandkids.

Lia loves getting her hair done by Nonnie!
She watched the oldest three Saturday morning so I could attend a Mother's Brunch at church. And then we took everyone out to the farm park and all over the mall for some crazy fun.

I made them wear hats to church, because it was MY day.  And everyone LOVED it!!

If she has braids in her hair, you know it's because we were hanging out with Nonnie!
On Sunday morning the kids were anxious for me to open their gifts -- treasures they had found on a walk with Marmie and Poppa the week before. Jack gave me a heart-shaped rock and neon green plastic water gun plug (I think). Jude was especially proud of his sparkly rock. And Julia could hardly contain her excitement over a small sliver of hot pink paper. Good thing Marmie told me what it was because otherwise I would have missed it!

I used to think I'd have to fake enthusiasm over such paltry tokens.  But no.  Their sweetness and joy to honor me on my special day was so touching, I couldn't help but be blessed!

After church the men made us steak on the grill and salads.  And I got to put my feet up on my new gift!

I've got big plans for sunbathing with this bad boy.  Only problem is those kids!  They barely let me sit still long enough to get a hint of a tan.  Or they want to sit on top of me and give me tan lines!  I've got a lot of work to do before our beach vacation this year ...

Later that evening our little family took yet another trip to the farm park.  I love this place.  I used to think I wanted to be a farmer.  Now I'd be happy to just grow something in my struggling garden.  But being near this place gives us a taste of the farm life without all the work.

I also love family time.  I couldn't ask for more for Mother's Day than just some simple moments with my husband and kids.  They are my greatest gifts and bring me so much joy (even though I occasionally find myself trying to hide from them in the house.)  And so while I don't always like to hear them calling my name, I do love that they call me mama... but c'mon, Bubbles is fun too!

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