Monday, July 21, 2008

I'm pregnant, not disabled

This weekend J and I were in a wedding, okay so I was in a wedding and J participated by default. My childhood friend, who also happens to be my college friend and my grad school friend, got married back home in Pennsylvania on Saturday. It was a busy weekend (it always is when we go home to visit) full of lots of fun. I'm sure J enjoyed spending time with all the ladies and listening in to our bachelorette party conversations. It was also nice having him around to kill time while waiting to walk down the aisle - i.e. Janine pokes around her belly until everyone gets a chance to see/feel J kick.
Another interesting aspect of this weekend is that I think I'm really starting to look genuinely pregnant. So much so that everyone is constantly asking me how I'm doing, if I feel okay, do I need to sit down, should I be drinking more water, etc. I was waiting for someone to bust out the wheel chair. Amazingly, I made it through the rehearsal and wedding day without tripping, fainting or going into labor. ;)

Although I must admit, that this is also the first time that I've really started to "feel" pregnant. After standing on my feet all day, in strappy heels that were slightly small, in 90 degree weather and without eating lunch I have to say I was a little worn out by evening. Lil' J, all 2.5 lbs of him, can start to get heavy after a while. And for the first time this pregnancy I got swollen feet and ankles. But I'm attributing this to the weather and shoes because today I'm back to feeling normal. Just makes me wonder how much longer I can get away with wearing heels, walking from the farthest parking lot, and dashing to my car in the rain... or doing all three at once like last week. It's getting harder and harder to ignore this kicking, squirming, growing bump but I plan on putting off the stork parking, Crocs and electric scooters for a little bit longer ... except for the foot massages, those can definitely continue (thanks honey).


MollyandJeremy said...

if you start to use stork parking i'm running all my errans with you :)

Meghann said...

it gets annoying--but also comes in handy. I always had people offer to let me skip ahead in line (and sometime I took advantage of it--especially when it came to food and morning sickness).

--Meghann (Molly's sister)

J9 said...

Very true, thanks ladies!

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