Friday, August 1, 2008

Old Friends, New Adventures

This past weekend our childhood friends N and J came to visit. We had a fun time hanging out on the beach and reminiscing about growing up together. I especially enjoyed the stories about Handsome Coastie beating up N, and N removing HC's name from a list of friends he had carved in a tree. Or J and I being the only girls on the sidelines during "friend skates" at Church Camp. Or laughing about how HC's closet was just as organized 15 years ago as it is today.

When sitting out on the beach all day got old, we decided to visit the Cape Henry Lighthouse. Much to our delight, we arrived to find out that that day, and that day only, they had specially opened the NEW lighthouse for visitors to check out - for free! This lighthouse is much taller than the OLD lighthouse, so Baby J was definitely in for a trip. And although he won't remember us pointing out the spot on the beach below the lighthouse where Daddy professed his undying love for Mommy and gave her a beautiful, sparkling diamond to set this whole ride in motion ... I'm sure he enjoyed being carried up all those hundreds of steps and getting his share of the ocean breeze!

Of course, I must admit that the hubby and I had an ulterior motive in inviting this couple to visit. Seeing how many fond memories we shared with N and J, it's only natural that we would want our kids to have the same wonderful experiences. So our plan was to convince them to have a baby ASAP and join us in this adventure called parenthood. Either Hubby and I aren't very convincing or N and J have wills of steel (I think it's the latter) but we weren't very effective in our endeavours. So Handsome Coastie, who won't go down without a fight, snuck a "Virginia is for Lovers" bumper sticker on the back of their car and sent them the whole way back to New Jersey without mentioning a word. It's good to know hubby is still young at heart. :)

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