Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Weighing In

The entire Tillman family is watching their weight these days. Some of us are watching it go up, others are hoping it will go down.

Jack had his two week check up on Sunday. He weighed in at 9 lbs., 15 oz. Just once ounce shy of 10 lbs. I should have made him nurse another minute or two longer before we left for the doctor! I'm still in shock over the size of my son. Leading right up until the day before Jack was born, I got a lot of comments about how small my baby belly was. Generally they ranged from "You're so tiny" to "You carry so well" to "You're the kind of girl other pregnant women want to kick" (that was from my dental hygienist) to "You're the kind of person who's going to have lots of kids!" (my husband loved that one).

Here's some perspective:

This is a picture of me at 38 weeks pregnant. Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of me at 39 weeks, because I was too lazy to do my hair and make-up that day. I was planning to take a picture the next day but ended up going into labor instead.

And this is a picture of my mom on the way to the hospital to have me, at somewhere around 42-43 weeks. I think I weighed 8'4" but I'm not sure, that whole day was kind of a blur for me. :)

Anyway, the old Janine, the one that was around before getting pregnant, would probably have been annoyed. The old Janine was really looking forward to being "hugely pregnant." Old Janine was also very impractical and not thinking clearly. New Janine, on the other hand, was very grateful for a lil' baby belly. New Janine realizes that the less she put on while pregnant means the less she has to lose now that the baby is born. The real question, at that time, was do I attribute that tiny belly to a tiny baby, or to Mrs. Miracle, my childhood gymnastics instructor, who instilled these rock hard abs that have been working overtime to hold my uterus back? Well, Jack has proven that he's not so tiny. And I'm happy to report that my ex-gymnast-belly is just about back to normal (my hips and rear are a completely different story!). For those of you who want to know but don't want to ask - so far I've lost 22 of the 39 lbs. I gained while pregnant. That was the easy part, now the real work begins.

Jon has weigh-ins this week at work, so he's also watching what he eats and trying to work off those "sympathy pounds" he gained during the pregnancy. He has also registered for the Shamrock Half Marathon in March. I HATE to run, but Jack and I will definitely be there cheering him on! Meanwhile, I'm going to keep feeding "Tank" here in the hopes that he'll take on some of that weight that I no longer need.

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Ocean's Page said...

If you figure out how to trim down the hips - please let me know. 7 months later and they still aren't what they used to be!

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