Thursday, October 2, 2008

Do you hear what I hear?

Sometimes I forget that just because we can’t see our little boy, doesn’t mean he’s not around. It still blows my mind to think that he can hear what’s going on around us, and that someday he may recognize some of these familiar voices and sounds. Here are a few of Jack’s favorite sounds:

The ocean – he gets his share of crashing waves during my beach walks. This is usually when he’s least active, I think the combination of walking and waves puts him to sleep. I’m sure he’s looking forward to re-living these pre-birth moments after his arrival when Dad takes him for long walks in the new carrier!

Church – Jack really starts kicking during praise and worship on Sundays. He’s had some lively experiences, especially when visiting our home church back in PA where the sound is extra-loud. I think one of his favorites is “Dance Like David Danced.” It gives him a good excuse to kick Mom extra hard.

Sean Hannity – this is Mom’s fault. Jack gets “Hannitized” every weekday between 3-6pm by default, since it’s his mom’s background noise of choice in the afternoons. Hey, if this baby is going to be born during one of the “worst economic crises since the great depression” we’re going to make sure he gets his facts straight.

Football – more specifically – Penn State. We don’t get all the Penn State games on TV here in Virginia, or at least we didn’t, until Jon informed me one day that he was “willing to make the sacrifice” and invest in digital cable so we can now specially order all the Penn State games we want. This event occurred just in time to watch the PSU v. Illinois game last weekend. I only agreed because I was hoping to catch a glimpse of my little brother in the stands, he was wearing white, maybe you saw him … Anyway, football games are a permanent fall fixture our household, so it’s a good thing Jack is learning to enjoy them now. He can pull moves in-utero that Penn State cheerleaders can only dream of. And when you couple the screaming fans, crashing helmets and blowing trumpets with Mom’s famous chili dip and brownies, Saturdays are truly a day to look forward to.

Unfortunately, despite my pre-pregnancy good intentions, I have not been good about playing music to my baby via headphones, or reading out loud to him, or singing to him. I tried playing piano a few times but I don’t think he was impressed. I have considered sitting-in on Jon’s online “Qur‘anic Law” class. I think we need to start training Jack in Arabic, like yesterday, so that he has some viable career options in the future. The other night, Jon asked if Jack and I were going to visit him in “the office” when he’s busy studying in the evening. Of course, I’ve been planning to send Jack down there all along. He’s going to sit in his little bouncy seat and listen in to Qur’an lessons with the best of ‘em. I, on the other hand, will probably be taking a nap.

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