Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Mama gets a second wind

I've been maintaining a to-do and to-buy before the baby comes list for several months now, but always seemed to be lacking the motivation to really get cracking. I started to get a little discouraged when I realized, despite all my new-found free time, how much more I still had to accomplish. I guess I've been waiting for the nesting phase to kick in. I'm not sure if it has yet or not, but at nearly 39 weeks I think it's finally hit me that I might not have a chance tomorrow to do what needs to get done today. Fortunately, my mental second wind got into gear right about the same time that my physical one did. And I think it rubbed off on hubby too. This past weekend we cleaned up all the flower beds, purchased the mums I've been waiting for, cleaned both cars inside and out, cleaned the house, cooked a few meals to freeze for homecoming week, and bought the last few items needed before Jack arrives. I also got my hair cut, my teeth cleaned, finished two more books, finalized the birth plan, created a feeding chart, wrapped up all my maternity leave details at work, and got the email birth announcement all ready for Jon to send out soon after the birth. Even so, I still need to finish packing my bag, make up a few iPod playlists for the hospital, and find a pediatrician. I'm sure I'll come up with a few more things for the to-do list this week, but that's okay. At this point, I'm open to anything to keep me busy during this final stretch.

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Kaitlyn said...

Definitely sounds like nesting to me! Good luck.

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