Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Funny Boy

Time flies when you're having fun! It's hard to believe the little man playing on the floor next to me just arrived 3 months ago! Is this wide-eyed observer really the same baby who preferred to sleep the day away? Is this hungry 15+ pounder the same boy who had me in tears more than once when I couldn't get him to eat? Is this kid sleeping 8-9 hours a night really the same little dude who just wanted to stay up and play after midnight? Is this smiley, gigglebox the same grump that was just here in November? Well, those same chubby cheeks are a dead give-away, this baby and that baby are one-in-the-same, but my how much has changed! Needless to say, Jack is growing each day! Both Jon and I are delighted to spend as much time as possible with our precious, adorable little boy. And we are constantly entertained by his wide smiles and baby chatter. Even diaper changes have become something to look forward to. Suddenly, Jack LOVES to get his diaper changed. As Jon says, "It's almost like he appreciates it." I have to admit, it is nice to enjoy a somewhat "dirty" task. And it's also much easier to get Jon to complete his "one-diaper-a-day" obligation. Even Marmie and Great-Aunt Julie were anxious to take their turn at this fun experience. For those of you who can't, or won't, (ahem Poppa, Uncle Micah) join Jack in the fun, here's your own taste. Obviously, it's difficult to change a diaper and record a video at the same time, so this is Jack as soon as he hits the mat and right before he gets the strip down.

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