Thursday, January 29, 2009

Heavy Lifting

Recently I've been reminded of the movie Lady In the Water (not one of M. Night's best). One of the characters in the movie only works out one arm, leading it to be substantially bigger than the other. The thought leaves me somewhat concerned.

This whole mothering thing has turned out to be quite a workout. Not only does feeding Jack help me burn hundreds of calories each day, but lifting and carrying the little dude has definitely been working my muscles. I remember how sore my shoulders and back were the first few weeks after he was born, I'm pretty sure mothering involves muscles I'ver never used before!

We're guessing Jack weighs around 18 lbs., based on our primitive measures (a.k.a. stand on the scale with the baby, stand on the scale without the baby, subtract; repeat process until the numbers make sense). And he's only going to get heavier. Some people suggest keeping diaper changing supplies on all floors of your house, to avoid having to trek up and down the steps each time. I purposely did not do this just for that reason. Jack pretty much only sleeps in his bed for naps and nighttime, and I only change his diaper up in his room. That adds up to toting "Tank" up and down the steps for quite a few trips. When he's in his car seat carrier that's another 5 lbs. or so, and since our living area is on the second floor, it can be pretty exhausting to lug the baby from house to car and back again. Any mother knows how difficult it is to appear graceful while carting around a baby carrier. I'm sure my neighbors get a kick out of watching me leave the house carrying baby, diaper bag, work binder, and lunch, lock the door, and struggle to lift Jack-and-carseat into the Jeep and maneuver him to the middle seat. All while wearing heels. Phew!

Since I'm right handed, I tend to favor my right arm when carrying Jack around. I've recently noticed it's been a little sore. Immediately I thought of the one-arm-workout man. So I've been checking in the mirror to make sure both my arms are a similar size and trying to switch Jack over to the left side when I think of it. If anyone's looking for a great workout program this year, I'm open to babysitters!!
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