Tuesday, November 24, 2009

'Twas the night before ...

... we cut the cake! Remember that little surprise we had been "baking" up over the past few weeks, nay months (since I got this idea before we even found out we were expecting #2). Well, here it is:
Our adorable little "gender cake." Looks simple enough on the outside (okay, not really "simple" - didn't Hancakes do an awesome job!!), but it's what's on the inside that counts. Tomorrow we're gonna cut a big 'ole slice of that cake and find out whether it's pink or blue on the inside. At least that's the plan. I had a dream that it was purple and made Hancakes promise me it will be an obvious pink or blue. Needless to say, I'm pretty excited. This darling little cake is sitting on my table, calling my name, begging me to stare it down. But I'm being very good. Other than a quick glance and this snapshot, I've hardly given it a second look. I'm afraid I'll spot a gender-colored crumb and blow the whole surprise. And I would be very unhappy with myself if I made it this far only to ruin everything in the final few hours.

So do you want my honest guess? Okay then, I'll go ahead and say it. I'm fully expecting to eat blue cake tomorrow. That's my honest-to-goodness gut feeling. I generally hesitate from making public assumptions like that, because it's hard to admit when you're wrong, and I'd hate for people to feel bad for me if i did turn wrong. So I'd like to say now, "Please don't." I will be on cloud nine tomorrow no matter what color that cake is. It's rather funny if you think about it. There are only two options in this world, all babies are either boys or girls. If it's not one, it will most certainly be the other. And yet I, along with the majority of other mothers out there, get extremely giddy over either prospect. And so, despite the excrutiating headaches I've had these past few weeks, and the fact that I dreamed three nights in a row that #2 was most definitely a girl-baby, I still think it's a boy.

I would say that all doubt will be removed tomorrow, but both Jon and I really question our ultrasound tech's deciphering skills. It took her a long time to make a decision, and at one point I'm almost sure she started typing one thing, deleted a few key strokes and then typed something else in. (Okay, I'll admit, I was planning to count 3 keystrokes for a B-O-Y and 4 keystrokes for a G-I-R-L. But after the 5th or 6th stroke I was getting really confused). The only flaw to this great plan was that the tech wasn't able to point out on the screen why she thought baby was such-and-such. So you can be sure that, in a couple of weeks, I'll be requesting another one of those free 3D ultrasounds from the local community college. Just to be sure. Until tomorrow then!

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