Friday, September 3, 2010

The Brotherhood

You'd be surprised at how many people think it's just great that Jack and Jude are only 18 months apart.  Really?  And here I thought it was hard work.  :)  Actually, it's usually the older moms that that say that.  The younger moms tend to respond with "Oh you poor girl" or "I don't know how you do it..."  But I think they've got it all wrong.  Yes, it's a little tough right now.  I've got two in diapers, two that can't speak sentences, two that always seem to want mommy at the same time.  But now is not forever.  I know having Jude this past spring was the best thing for our family.  I know it every time I take Jack to the park and see his little face when he realizes there's no one else there to play with.  Or how he radiates excitement and enthusiasm whenever he sees another little person come around.  He just wants a friend.  And we're working on it kiddo.  Jude just needs a little more time to grow up, but soon you'll be best buds!

In fact, Jack is getting much better with Jude.  He's still a little rough sometimes.  I still will turn around to hear Jude scream and see Jack run the other way to hide a very guilty face.  But for the most part, Jack loves his bee-bee, and Jude finds Jack quite entertaining.

And it's fun.  It's fun to have two little boys who are different and yet so very much the same.  To feel Jude gnawing on my shoulder while peering out over the top, thinking "Gosh, this is so 18 months ago!"  To snap him up the same cutey pajamas that I fell in love with when Jack was that size.  To do the same cradle hold/side sway/rub-thumb-lightly-over-forehead that was magic at putting my other baby to sleep.  And it doesn't get old. 

Jack and Jude at 4 months.
Different and the same.  Most people say they can tell the boys are brothers.  They don't look alike, but they do look related.  And some people say I have "big kids."  I look at my baby out of the corner of my eye and think, "Really?  That little guy who is swimming in his big brother's hand-me-downs?  Big??" 

But my favorite is watching my big and little baby together.  Catching Jack cover Jude's face with sloppy kisses.  Seeing Jude smile and kick his feet whenever his big brother comes around.  Learning how to get Jack out of bed with one hand while holding onto Jude with the other.  And snuggling together on the couch, balancing boys and books, trying to dole out enough "mom" to keep everyone happy.  Yeah, those moments are the best!

Sometimes I worry about how much "influence" Jack's going to have on his little brother as he grows older. But then I just pray, "Lord, teach them to love each other. Make them best friends. Use Jude to keep Jack out of trouble. And may they one day be such a source of entertainment to each other that I can sit down and read a book in the middle of the afternoon. Amen."

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