Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Jude's first haircut

Unlike his brother, Jude was born with a decent amount of hair.  Most of it is located top and center.  He's worn off a good portion around the middle and has a bit of a tuft at the back.

He's starting to grow some new fluff.  But a few baby hairs seem to determined to hang on for dear life.  And by a few I mean, maybe 10?  They drive me crazy.  Ten random hairs that stick out an inch longer than the rest.  Ten tiny strands that catch the light and show up in pictures.  Ten itsy locks that had to go.

And so I did it.  I brought out the rounded-end scissors and, with about three snips, took care of random hairs once and for all.  Ta-da, Jude's first haircut.

And I've learned one thing.  The only thing more difficult than cutting a bobbing-headed 5-month old's hair ...

... is trying to take a picture of it!

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