Saturday, September 11, 2010

Translation of Jude's video chat

What Jude really said:

On Monday Nonnie and Poppie left and we were all a little sad.  Jack decided to find solace in his bottle of gummy vitamins.  While Daddy was in the office and Mommy was upstairs with me, my brother snuck into the drawer, pulled out his vitamins, and somehow cracked the child-proof code.  Then he sat in the living room and ate the remaining 2/3 of a container of vitamins.  My parents didn't figure it out until hours later when Daddy found the empty bottle under the couch.  Jack was sound asleep by then and didn't appear to be suffering from ill effects of Gummy Vites overdose so we all breathed a sigh of relief.  Mommy said he had some really nasty diapers the next day, but other than that he's pretty much normal.

Even though we're missing our grandparents, Nonnie and Poppie left us some school stuff behind to remember them by.  Like our totally sweet whale (or as Jack says "__sheee") pajamas.  Mommy loves putting us in matching outfits.  I wonder how long we should let her get away with this?  For now, I like looking like Jack.  I think my big brother is the funniest man in the whole world!

On Wednesday Mommy put Jack and I in the stroller to go to the playground.  She forgot to bring the garage door opener but when she went to go get it she found out the door was locked.  And that every other door into the house was locked.  Along with most of the windows.  Mommy's face got very white.  She tried to call Daddy a few times but he can't bring his cell phone into school.  So we went to the park anyway.  Mommy says this is another reason why we really need to make friends here.  I'm trying really hard, but I don't think people take me seriously at this age.

Mommy let us stay at the park a very long time!  I fell asleep in her arms and when I woke up we were back in our backyard and Mommy was pulling on all the windows.  Jack was getting really hungry but since he had picked all the tomatoes off the plants last week there wasn't even anything in the garden to eat.  Finally Mommy got a little screw driver from the garage, found one window that Daddy had neglected to lock the night before when he zealously secured the rest of the house, and pried off the screen.  She waved to our next door neighbor and then disappeared through the curtain.  Next thing I knew she was running out the back door, high-fiving Jack.  Daddy finally called back 3 hours later to make sure we were okay.

On Thursday Mommy took us to meet her old neighbor, Jolene, and her three kids Ryan, Mason and Addie.  We drove a long time to this awesome park with lots and lots of playgrounds, a nature center with snakes and frogs, and a farm with a bunch of animals. We saw bunnies, chickens, sheep and a hugantic cow!!  Jack said it was so cool!!  Next time we go Mommy said we can ride the merry-go-round and the train! 

Mommy met a lady at the park who invited us to go to a gym on Friday.  So after stopping at Wal-Mart so Mommy could use coupons to get free cheese and free dish soap, we were off to the gym.  But Mommy couldn't find it.  She drove up and down and up and down the road.  She even stopped and asked for directions.  But we still couldn't find it anywhere!  Jack had turned on his cranky voice and I was getting really hungry!  Finally Mommy gave up and took us to Chick-Fil-A.  She let Jack loose in the play place and sat down to finally get me some second breakfast!  A really nice lady sat down beside us and said, "I have breastfed all my kids in this exact same spot.  So don't feel weird that some lady is sitting down next to you while you nurse your baby."  Which was good 'cuz I was really hungry.  Mommy and her talked about babies, homeschooling, Mom's clubs and other woman stuff.  It also happened to be that Chick-Fil-A's birthday so the cow that my older brother is deathly afraid of came around to say "hello."  Jack only likes cows from a distance so he hid behind the balloon lady.  She made him a balloon dog with a leash.  But when we got home Jack decided to walk to the front door behind the rose bushes and that was the end of balloon dog.

Oh, and one more thing.  I decided to start sleeping through the night again.  As much as I loved hanging out with Mommy in the middle of the night, she was starting to look a little tired during the day.  Plus she seems a lot happier to see me in the mornings when she's had a good night's sleep.  Sometimes she's even already dressed when she comes to get me!  Today I let her sleep in until 7:30, but apparently she was up early anyway to make sure I wasn't just playing a trick.  The best part is that Daddy and her said I might get to sleep in Jack's room at night now if I can keep really quiet.  Yeah for sleepovers with my best bud!!

Okay Mommy's giving me hand signals that say "time to wrap this up kid" so that's enough chatter for now.  Thanks for listening to my story of our week!

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