Monday, November 1, 2010

6 months and then some

Jude turned 6 months two weeks ago.  I don't even remember what was going on that day, sorry buddy, we'll start celebrating your half-birthday after you've got a little more lifetime under your belt!
So this is the part where I saw how big he's getting, how I can't believe he's been here 6 months already, but at the same time I can't remember life without him. But you've heard all that before. So I'll try to think of something different to say. Like ...

Jude is so cool.

He's the cool kid in school that makes me feel cool just because he lets me hang around with him. And when he smiles at me and pats my arm, that's when I know "I've arrived."

He's a bit of a show-off too. He's been rolling for a while now, don't ask me when he started (total second-baby syndrome). I just know that one day I put him down on the floor to play, and when I turned around he was on his belly. And when I looked again he was back on his back.

Sometimes he gets frustrated when he's on his belly and can't get back again. And sometimes he wakes up early and grumpy from a nap because he founds himself face-first in the mattress. And sometimes he rolls and flips and flounders and gets himself all worked up and stuck in the crib.

But as long as he's not supposed to be napping, rolling is the bees knees. It definitely helps that Jack starts jumping, clapping and cheering whenever he does it. Yes, Jack is a total self-esteem booster. With a brother like that you can't help but grow up to be self-confident.

Jude's not sitting up on his own yet, but we're getting close.  Sitting up practice has become another favorite family pasttime.  We all sit on the floor around Jude, sit him up, let go, and start clapping and cheering as he slowly tips over and rolls on the floor.  Poor Jude has a disadvantage that his older brother didn't ... his older brother.

Boys.  Always competing.

Boys.  Impossible to get a picture where they both look good ... or where it doesn't look like one is choking the other.

Boys.  Who's constant movements make me realize I need a photography class, or at least a free hour to study my camera manual.  One thing I've learned so far:  dim den + wiggly kids = blurry photos.

Boys.  Hungry boys. 

I'm starting to realize my grocery bill is going to be outta control in a few years.  I comfort myself with the knowledge that I'll get away with buying less toilet paper and not paying for two weddings.

And while we're on the subject, Jude had his first wedding two weeks ago.  He was the model guest.  It was a long wedding, a long day, and a lot of sleeping in mommy's arms.  But he hammed it up after we got to the reception and found a photobooth!!

He was a handsome, tired baby.  Lookin' sharp in his wool pants and sweater vest.  If only we had some wire rimmed glasses.  P.S. This is the same outfit Jack wore at his dedication ... when he was 10 weeks old.

In addition to his old clothes, Jack is also sharing other things with Jude ... like raisins and swigs from his sippy cup.  I keep having to remind him that baby brother isn't quite ready for those things yet.  But I'm sure it won't be long, because as we all know - babies grow fast.  Their first year whizzes right by, and so do 9 months of pregnancy.  Which means the last 33 months of my life have been a total blur.  Good thing I decided to start a blog to remember it all!


Jared said...

I think about 50% of your readers could have done without the tp reference.

Meagan Duthie said...

Love it!!!!

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