Thursday, November 11, 2010

Time and Change

Or just time changes, like the latest DST adjustment which has really been kicking some diaper-clad hiney in our house this week.  Monday was the worst.  In addition to being straight-up overtiredly cranky, both boys were surfing some major emotional waves.  At one point, in the midst of two weepy, snotting, hold-me-mommy little men, I thought I was having a vision of what it's like to raise teenage girls.  Seriously, who knew getting an hour or two less of sleep at night could produce such hormonal changes!  Thankfully, Jude has at least got the memo ... Jack's getting close, but for now he's enjoying 30 minutes of "playtime" in his bed until it's time to get up.  And yes, we too are shocked that our adventurous little guy has yet to try to get out of his big boy bed on his own, I haven't even had to make it a point to stay there in the first place, so don't ask me for any tips, I have no idea!!

But that's not the only change in time we've had around here.  Jude recently shifted to a 4-hour schedule.  Jack didn't do this until after 7 months, but after a week or so where Jude wasn't really interested in nursing this seemed to be the next step.  And it's definitely been a good thing.  Not only is the extra hour between feedings nice for me, but since he's now able to manage a 2 hour waketime, his naps have greatly improved.  Forty-five minutes are now the exception (except for the short evening one) and 1.5-2 hour naps RULE!  He's always been a happy baby but he seems much more well-rested now, to my great relief.  He goes down to bed happy, wakes up happy, and sleeps 7pm-7am.  I still do a dreamfeed before I go to bed, even though he'd easily be fine without it.  But I'm just not comfortable going 13 hours without nursing.  Besides, he's such a little guy, the calories are good for him!  I was starting to worry that he wasn't going to be the same great sleeper that is his older brother, but perhaps he's out to prove me wrong after all.

Oh and one more big change in our house this week - Jon watched Jack all on his own for 24 hours!  Jude and I took a mini road-trip to Virginia Beach on Monday night so I could make an appearance at work.  Our fabulous friend Janine put us up for the night and watched the baby while I was in a meeting.  Jude made his rounds on-campus, had lunch with my co-workers and then we hit the road before rush hour.  Apparently Jon and Jack had a fun-filled day watching Toy Story 3, visiting Toys 'R Us and eating at "Chick-a-Lay" (because that's how we say it now, we're those horrible parents that reinforce their child's mispronunciations just because they're so dang cute!!).  I'm glad the big boys had a successful time together, I just hope Jack doesn't expect such royal treatmeant from me!

Jude did pretty well on the drive.  On the way down I realized that I had never driven so far by myself with a baby before.  We went down at night so he'd be sleeping most of the way, of course, he decided he was ready to eat right when we were driving through no-man's land Virginia.  No lights, no turn-offs, not even a shoulder to pull off on.  But once fed he happily slept the rest of the way.  The trip home did not fare so well, but even one stop, two pull-overs and the last 10 miles with an unhappy vocal baby weren't TOO bad.  Just not fantastic enough to make me want to jump in the car and do it again.

It was nice to be back in the office, it was almost as if I had never left.  In fact, driving into the city the night before felt just like I was coming home again.  And then I remembered that our Beach Nest wasn't ours anymore, and that some other girl was living there and it probably didn't even look the same.  And I gotta admit, that part of the trip made me a little sad.  Both Jon and I are starting to realize all the things we loved and miss about Virginia Beach, now that we don't have them anymore and now that we're starting to grow anxious over our upcoming relocation orders.  For heaven's sake, just rip the band-aid off and tell us where we'll be living in 8 months!!

But on a positive note, there is one thing the Beach didn't have.  And that is this work of art growing in the backyard. 

Or the golden-hued light that filters through its leaves and spills in to my kitchen. 

Or the huge piles of crackly leaves that my son just can't get enough of.  Or images of my husband and firstborn playing soccer in the front yard.  And most importantly, this week Virginia Beach did not have a beautiful, curious 2 year old, excited to see his mommy after she was away for a whole 24 hours nor did it have a handsome Coastie, who willingly makes so many sacrifices for the love of his country and who I'm so proud to call "husband" on this Veteran's Day.  And it's these guys, and my trusty road-traveling sidekick, that make Maryland our home.  They are, and always will be, the best part of where we live, wherever that may be!

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