Thursday, November 18, 2010

Open Mouth, Insert Foot

Ahhh, seven months.  I just love this age.  I think Jude does too, his belly laughs fill our home all day long.  He's taking in the world and trying his hardest to participate in our daily routines.  He's determined to drink out of Mommy's water bottle, pull his brother's hair, and join us at the dinner table.

As a baby, Jack was known as an excellent eater, so Jude has got some "big" shoes to fill.  But he's surprisingly holding his own.  He's done great with the solids we've started so far.  Although he's not consuming as nearly much as his older brother did at this age, so far he hasn't rejected any of the new flavors.  In fact, he's pretty excited when he sees the bowl and spoon come out.  And I've caught him attempting to spoon some food into his mouth all by himself when I've walked away.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that I didn't have to fight through Jude's hands to get to his mouth, likewith  my firstborn.  My clearest memories of feeding Jack are of using one hand to hold the spoon and the other to keep his hands out of his mouth.  Jude on the other hand just sits there, hands out in front of him, opening and closing his mouth on cue, signaling he's finished by blowing raspberries... and food.  So I wasn't even thinking of the consequences when I decided to forgo the highchair tray the other day when I was in a hurry to get dinner started.  Big mistake.  How silly of me to forget how much my youngest son enjoys inserting his foot into his mouth.  Unfortunately, even sweet potatoes can't compete with the fuzzy taste of cotton. 

Up until yesterday, Jude was still not sitting up on his own yet.  He could stay up for a only few seconds before toppling over, or he would generally start to slowly fall forward until, you guesssed it, he's got his toes to his nose.  But that was yesterday.  Today I was telling all the other moms at our playdate about how my 7 month old wasn't sitting up on his own yet, and I decided to demonstrate by sitting Jude down on the floor.  He smiled, bobbed his head up and down a few times, and then proceeded to sit there ... and sit there and sit there, occasionally reaching for a new toy.  Apparently he knew his reputation was on the line and decided to prove Mommy wrong.

Clutching his blanket for support.
While we're up here, I should point out that Jude has what Wikipedia calls a "double cowlick with two counter-clockwise rotating spirals."

Lovin' the new vantage point.

Daddy walks into the room ... and gives Jude an exuberant round of applause.
On a positive note, maybe this means he won't start crawling until later too, and then walking even later as well.  If nothing else, perhaps the fact that he's not growing up too fast will help stave off baby fever.  That and the fact that I'd kind of like to enjoy next summer as neither pregnant nor nursing.  And the fact that our totally cool friends have invited us to visit them in the Cayman Islands next year, and the fact I just learned that pregnant women can't swim with the dolphins ... And if that isn't motivation enough the thought of "3 under 3" most certainly is!  So yes Jude, feel free to stay Mommy's baby for as long as you need to!

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JSS said...

I don't know if we're totally cool or not, but I won't leave this island until you've visited!

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