Thursday, November 8, 2012

A glimpse of the future


Jack: "Moooooom, look.  I'm playing in the future." (bathtub = future)

Jude: *giggling, hops in*

Jack: "Mooommm, Jude's in my future.  Get Jude out of my future!"

Mom: "Sorry bud, he's always going to be in your future."

Jude: "I in Jack's future!  I in Jack's future!"

Jack: *throws Jude out of future*

Jude: "Mommy, Jack won't let me in his future!"

Jack: "I don't want Jude in my future!"

Mom: "Jack, what exactly is a 'future'?"

Jack: "You know, it's where you fight!"

Mom: "Okay Jude, stay away from Jack's future."

1 comment:

Jennifer Smith said...

Soooo funny! I love when I find out what goes through kids' heads. Rarely what you'd expect.

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