Sunday, December 16, 2012

Four Score

So remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned I was working through some sort of stomach bug? Yeah, not so much. My parents came to visit that week and the first thing my mom said when I mentioned it was, "You're not pregnant, are you?" I assured her I was not. Then I left my parents with all three kids and headed to the doctor for a follow-up appointment on my carpal tunnel problems. While there, my doctor reminded me yet again that I was not up to date on my tetanus shots. I'm always trying to avoid shots so I asked if it was okay since I'm still breastfeeding Julia. She said, "Breastfeeding is fine, just not if you're pregnant... And I doubt you're pregnant." She laughed, I laughed. Pregnant again? Hilarious.

Apparently there was some mix-up with the nurse because I ended up waiting a very long time for her to appear with my shot. Which gave me a lot of time to think. "I'm not pregnant, right? I can't be. But am I positive? ..." Finally I flagged the nurse down asked if I should still go forward with the shot if there was even a slight chance I could be pregnant. By now I had worked myself up into total inner turmoil and was hoping she'd just say, "Oh let's give you a test right here, right now and settle this once and for all." Instead she just said I shouldn't get the shot and sent me on my way.

And so, since I had free and willing babysitters at home I figured a trip to Target was in order to walk around and clear my head. I ordered a coffee, fully caffeinated, knowing that if I really was pregnant I could plead innocence up until that moment. The last time I bought a pregnancy test was over the summer when I had three hyper kids in my cart. It was a tad embarrassing to say the least. It was a relief to be all alone to pick one up this day. But I didn't want that to be my only item. So I kept wandering around until I came across a pair of yoga pants on clearance, size small. I checked out with my two items (I can't remember the last time I checked out at Target with only two items!) and decided to immediately detour to the bathroom. My kids never let me use the bathroom in peace, I needed to take full advantage of this opportunity. So right then and there I took a pregnancy test in Target. And of course, at only 3 weeks, 4 days (over 10 days earlier than I've ever found out with my other babies!) I knew we were expecting again.

I returned the size small yoga pants the next week and sheepishly called the doctor back that afternoon to schedule another appointment.

Trial run before Daddy got home.
I decided to keep the news a secret from my parents since it was so fresh and Jon was still in California. I love planning fun ways to surprise my husband with pregnancy news. I totally dropped the ball last time and I was not going to let that happen again. The next time my parents watched the kids I ran to the grocery store to grab a few things, in addition to some ginger ale, and also picked up four balloons. Actually five because, knowing my kids, chances were one might not make it through until the next day.

Jon didn't get home until after midnight. Jack had just thrown up 20 minutes before Jon came in the door, so he went to check on him before going to bed. Jack rolled over and sleeply mumbled, "Daddy, we have balloons for you. We have a party!" So Jon came into the room and asked me what Jack was talking about and I played it off as the half-asleep kid who had a little too much cough syrup. Little did he know ...

Future big sister right there.
Since he got to bed so late Jon was the last one up in the morning. As soon as he started walking down the stairs, still rubbing his eyes, the kids started jumping and yelling "Balloons!!" And then Jack said something about it being Daddy's birthday and that he's turning 4, which is why there was a number 4 on the balloon. Eventually Jon sorted it all out when he realized each of his kids was holding a balloon, and then there was one extra one ... conveniently tied down with a pregnancy test. Surprise honey!!


And so there you have it! We're due to expand our family sometime in late-July. I'm pretty thrilled about a summer baby, it will be something different. And 22 months after Julia's birthday, that's kind of a record for us! This is a very fun time of year to get pregnant. We had big plans to keep our secret until Christmas. We were going to wrap up something that went a little like this:

We don't have your gift yet
Oh, what a bummer
It's not slated to arrive
Until next mid-summer
We hope that you
Can wait until then
To help us welcome
Grandchild number 10!!

Great idea huh? Instead we went home over Thanksgiving, were all sitting around together with our extended family in Jon's uncle's living room and my husband opened his mouth and said, "Well since we have you all here..."

And then everyone gasped and knew exactly what was up.


We told my family at breakfast the next morning.  Jon offered to pray and at the end slipped in something about being thankful for "new life and an extra stocking by the fireplace."  It took a little while for it to sink in, longer for some than others.  In fact, I think my parents are still trying to sort it all out.  And then the next morning at our home church one of the pastors started praying for new and expectant parents and casually mentioned our names and well... the rest is history.  Because when something like that gets announced at church there's no way you're keeping it a secret any longer.

Which is fine.  Yes, there are risks with pregnancy, concerns I think about every day.  And sure it would have been a kickin' Christmas announcement.  But I am, and always will be, an early newsbreaker.  I love babies, I celebrate pregnancy, and I cherish new life.  I don't know what tomorrow brings, but in this very moment I am thankful for this precious new baby. 


Jennifer said...

Aww! Tell your mom she and I have the baby sense! Congrats and hope the next several months are easy and wonderful!

Jennifer Smith said...

Great post! Love the balloons, and love that Jon was too excited to keep a secret. :)

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