Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ahoy Matey!

Lil' J's ship has come in!

This past weekend Handsome Coastie and I went back to Pennsylvania for our FOURTH and LAST trip this summer. It's strange to think that the next time we visit the Keystone State it will be with carseat and diaper bag in tow... and hopefully some snow on the ground for Christmas!!

We got off to a late start because HC was still writing his paper until 4:30 that morning. So he drove and I wrote my final paper in the car on the way up. [Translated, I have written and submitted my last paper of the semester and only have one more project to finish before wrapping up this adventure called grad school!] Although I would have never said the 400 mile trek to PA was a breeze, it has gotten progressively more difficult with each additional trip. We also threw in a jaunt to New Jersey, and back again, the following day for another wedding.

Aside from my college-friend's momentous event, the other purpose of our excursion was J's baby shower that our mothers have been working on all summer. The theme of the shower was, of course, nautical. The ladies did an amazing job on the food and decorations.

Here are the moms/grandmas showcasing their handiwork!

Nautical flags courtesy of Marmie.

And even though I'm not a huge fan of sitting in front of a group of people while they all watch you open gifts, seeing all those adorable outfits and baby things is just too much fun!! We are so blessed to have such awesome church family and friends back home and are very grateful for everyone's generosity at the shower!

"Me sitting in front of a large group of people while they watch me open gifts" I would also like to add that I am sitting in an adirondak chair - not very easy to get out of when 7.5 months pregnant.

Now that we finally have some baby stuff around the house, the next project is to start setting up the nursery. Stay tuned for updates!

Photos compliments of Geri Schnure

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