Saturday, August 23, 2008

And now, an update on everyone's favorite Lil' J

But that's enough about Mom, how about some news on Baby J! Although I don't look like I've gotten any bigger the past few weeks, he seems to have grown since I now feel him dancing on my bladder, pushing on my ribs, and kicking at my back - all at the same time. He seems to be most active at night, usually right when I'm trying to fall asleep. Both Handsome Coastie and I can feel body parts and see tiny bulges, but it's been impossible to tell just what is what. Yesterday I had my check-up. I'm measuring exactly 32 weeks, J's heartrate is perfect and he's turned head-down. I'm just hoping he stays that way for the rest of the pregnancy. We were also able to figure out some body parts. Now that I know that solid bump under my left is J's rear end, I can't stop nudging it. :)

On Friday my work friends threw a wonderful shower for me and the babe. I'm so grateful for all my work/school pals - we are so blessed!! Following our showers, we've got nursery renovations well under-way but I refuse to post pictures until everything is perfect! :) Let's just say we're busy sewing, staining, hanging, washing and building. The nursery is quickly becoming my favorite room in the house, I just wish I had more reasons to hang out there!

Today we're celebrating the close of the Summer semester and the end of HC's 12-hour, alternating-nights-and-days, and three day weekend shifts. Yay!! Festivities include a trip to Babies R' Us to get our stroller and carseat followed by dinner at Catch 31 (compliments of last weekend's guest - Mr. Dan, thanks buddy!!). Just trying to get in as many dates as possible before we have to start hiring a babysitter!

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