Monday, September 29, 2008

Smooth Moves

Now that you have seen our progess on the nursery, you may be wondering what we did with all that other "stuff." Well, Jon's office has moved down to the ground floor guest bedroom. We crammed everything into this quiet, little niche for him where he can study his international politics and homeland security to his heart's content. He even has a sitting area for relaxed studying or meeting with imaginary clients.

My office, on the other hand, is wherever I can get wireless access on my laptop. Lately, it's been my favorite corner of the couch, with my feet propped up on a few pillows and topped off with an ice pack. But when the weather is really nice, and I'm trying to catch some rays, my other favorite location is the front deck.

Now isn't that a convenient place to work, study and tan - all at the same time!

Speaking of offices and jobs, my new position is going much better. We finally completed all the necessary paperwork and signatures so I can officially work from home. I'm still coming to campus a lot right now but having the option to go home whenever has been nice on both me and my ankles! In fact, I have determined that my swollen feet have nothing to do with my sweet, little baby and everything to do with my EVIL desk at work, which I hate being stuck at. I've also realized how dull things are at home during the week. I'm sure there are plenty of things I should be doing, but at this point I'm lacking the necessary motivation. I'm hoping being home all day will be much more enjoyable, and purposeful, once Jack arrives.

Jon's new job is going well too. We both LOVE his new hours! Okay well I love that he's home early every day, I'm not crazy about how he wakes up at 4:30 every morning. Or how he requires two battery-operated alarms to wake up at 4:30 every morning. Or how he sometimes turns off one alarm but forgets to turn off the other alarm which goes off whiles he's in the shower every morning. But other than that it's been great! :) Two weeks ago he was away in DC at a school. Despite spending the majority of our first year of marriage apart for months at a time, I still can't get used to even weeklong separations. I managed to cope by ordering all my favorite chic flicks from Netflix and treating myself to pizza and Pringles most of the week. It looks like he may be traveling a few other times this coming winter/spring, but thanks to my new flexible job, he had better be prepared to take the baby and I along!

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