Monday, February 2, 2009

Go Team Go!

Last night was Jack's first superbowl and he was very excited to see "Poppa's Team" make it big. So excited, in fact, that he couldn't sleep the night before. He woke Mama up 5 times. *sigh* Just when I thought we had settled into a predictable sleeping pattern Jack has went back to only sleeping a few hours at a time. I'm just going with the flow, hoping it's only a phase.
Last year Jon went to his bachelor friends' house for the big event, and a pregnant-but-didn't-know-it-yet Janine stayed home and watched the game all by herself. Now personally I believe that the Superbowl, unlike regular season games, is a family activity. It's not just about the game, players, score, etc. There is also the good food, funny commercials, and great conversations during the not-so-funny commercials. So this year I laid down the law and told Jon that we would be celebrating the Superbowl as a family unit. He agreed and then we both forgot about it until earlier this week when it suddenly occured to Jon that he would be viewing his favorite sport with only me (and Jack) and that this probably wouldn't be much fun. Fortunately, we found another couple who also didn't have plans and were able to throw together a small football festival.
So yesterday I dressed Jack in the only yellow shirt I could find. And then he had his Steelers jammies on for the night. Since it was so loud in the house I let him skip his nap (translated Jack refused to sleep and all his fussing was interfering with enjoying the game, so we gave up and got him back out of bed). We try to limit his TV time, and I had to cover his eyes for a few commercials, but I think he enjoyed all the activity. I wonder if he'll end up playing football like his Dad? Then again, I wonder a lot of things about Jack, it's a good thing we have the rest of his life to make these important decisions!

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