Friday, March 27, 2009

Better Late Than Never

Last week I got a call from our church secretary:
"Janine, I saw you in church yesterday and noticed that you were skinny and holding a baby. Did you have your baby?"
"(laughing) Yes, about 5 months ago!"
Apparently, Jon and I should have notified the church office about our son's birth. We weren't really sure of the baby birth policy, and since we weren't in a Life Group at the time, Jack's arrival went by noticed only by whoever was lucky enough to sit behind us each Sunday. I do feel slightly guilty about keeping Jack with us during the service. He tends to divert our neighbors' attention from the pastor's sermon. But it's usually 10-15 minutes into the speaking when he wants Mommy to stand and hold him, so I head to the back of the church where no one can be distracted by those chubby cheeks.
Two days after the phone call there was a knock on the door and a lovely bouquet of flowers from our church family congratulating us on our baby boy.

And despite being 5 months older and double the size, Jack's birth announcement made it into the church bulletin the next week. Better late than never!

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