Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

Today is Jon's and my third anniversary! I love to look back on our "dating" experience and wedding and try to remember what life was like before we were an "old married couple." :) Having a baby has definitely changed the dynamics of our marriage. On one hand it's so fun to watch this little person that we created together and our raising together, but on the other hand a baby is exhausting and time consuming. Sometimes I have to remind myself that my relationship as a wife is top priority, even with a needy, sometimes demanding, 5-month old. Jon is a great husband and an excellent father. But I knew he would be before we were married. He's always been great with kids and I know he's going to raise some strong, competent, FUN sons. (But I haven't quite figured out what kind of daughters he'll raise yet.) The life we've created over the past 3 years isn't exactly perfect, but we're enjoying each passing year more and more, and anticipating many future anniversaries with a growing family and in all sorts of different locations!

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Antonio & Tambre said...

Happy Anniversary Janine!!! :o)

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